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Winter Care Kit With Snow Shovel - Ice Scraper - De-icing Salt & Shaker For Gritting

Winter Care Kit With Snow Shovel - Ice Scraper - De-icing Salt & Shaker For Gritting

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  • Snow shovel available in red or black
  • Perfect winter care kit - grab and go
  • Durable, strong and flexible
  • Perfect for clearing snow and ice around your home
  • Helps to limit winter slip-hazards
  • Helps to maintain safer walkways

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What is The Winter Care Kit?

This easy-to-grab Winter Care Kit has everything you'll need to keep the paths and driveways clear of dangerous, icy slip hazards this winter.

The Winter Care Kit contains the following essential items to make it supremely easy to keep your home a safer place when the cold snap strikes:

  • 1x Heavy Duty Snow Shovel (Choose from Red or Black)
  • 1x Twist and Thaw Salt Shaker
  • 15 kg of White De Icing Salt
  • 1x Car Windscreen Ice Scraper

Heavy Duty Snow Shovel

The heavy duty snow shovel is perfect for clearing snow around your property this winter. Snow shovels are a must for anyone looking to limit winter slip hazards around their home.

This heavy-duty snow shovel makes easy work of clearing snow. The long wooden shaft, wide mouth and comfortable handle makes this snow shovel ideal for clearing snow from your pathways and drives this winter. Snow shovels help you prevent accidents and slip-hazards in the cold weather. This heavy-duty snow shovel is durable and lightweight. It's really easy to use, which makes it an excellent tool to have handy when the winter weather suddenly hits.

This snow shovel has a hanging hole designed into the handle, so it's easy to store and keep in reach in, as part of your winter care kit.

Garden tip: This snow shovel can also be used to help clear those piles of autumnal leaves, waste piles, dusty building debris, mucking out and various other tasks that require the movement of piles of moderate debris.

These Heavy-Duty Snow Shovels consist of 3-parts:

  • Robust Wooden Shaft
  • Wide-mouthed shovel
  • Ergonomic D-Handle with hanging hole

Simple Assembly

These snow shovels arrive in 3-parts (as outlined above) and are simple to connect together and fix into place using the supplied screws.

Garden tip: Ensure that the wooden shaft is fully engaged into the shovel head before you fix it in place with one of the supplied screws.

About the Snow Shovel

The shovel component is made from a moulded, durable coloured plastic that is both rigid and flexible. The D-handles are an ergonomic moulded plastic that is made for comfort. It also has a hanging hole for easy storage. The wooden shaft is 1-metre long with a 2.8 cm (28 mm) diameter.

  • Ideal for moving snow, dirt, sand, leaves etc.
  • Suitable for home and domestic use
  • 3x individual pieces (shovel head, wooden shaft and D-handle)
  • Available in red or black
  • Total length & width: 137 (l) x 43 (w) cm
  • Shaft Length & diameter: 100 x 2.8 cm (1000 x 28 mm) shaft
  • Screws included
  • Made in the UK

Twist and Thaw Salt Shaker

The Twist & Thaw Salt Spreader is a handheld salt spreader/shaker. It makes easy work of spreading salt to clear paths, driveways and other surfaces from ice and snow during the winter months. Using salt to thaw ice and keep surfaces free helps to avoid slip hazards and personal injury.

Garden tip: The Twist and Thaw can be used for multiple applications. It's easy to rinse after use, so you can also use it in spring/summer for top dressing or seeding your lawn.

Simple to Fill and Use

The Twist & Thaw salt spreader is really simple to use for a range of applications. The hinged lid has an easy to open latch, securing the lid while you apply salt/grit. The wide mouth of the filling chamber makes adding grit/salt simple. Four settings are simple to set using the bottom twist-plate. Selecting a setting is as easy as twisting the bottom plate to expose the application holes by counting the clicks. Different settings suit different types of salt or grit. The Twist and Thaw salt spreader enables you to get an even spread of salt to keep outside surfaces around your home safe from ice- and snow-covered surfaces.

NOTE: The Twist and Thaw Salt Spreader is made and sold in the UK.

  • Twist and Thaw has four settings to enable an even deposit of salt/grit on areas which are susceptible to ice
  • Twist & Thaw can use different grades and particles sizes of salt
  • Maximum capacity up to 3.5kg of salt or grit
  • Made in the UK

Garden tip: PU working gloves are an invaluable tool while working with mildly corrosive salts and grits. They provide additional grip and protect your hands while you handle wet and dirty grit bags, to fill the Twist and Thaw salt spreader.

White Deicing Salt

The White Deicing Salt is perfect for using with the Twist and Thaw Salt Spreader. Together they help keep your pathways, drives, and any walkways around your home or workplace, clear of ice this winter.

Available in 15 kg bags, means this Deicing salt provides you with great value, but in small enough bags to comfortably handle.

Wear Protective Gloves

Protective gloves are an invaluable tool for handing bags of salt and grits in the cold and wet of winter. They help to provide additional grip and protect your hands. They'll also help to keep the cold off.

If you want the ultimate in working gloves, the Kent and Stowe fleece lined leather gardening gloves come highly recommended. These gloves mean you'll never have to feel that icy pinch ever again.

Ice Scraper

This Ice Scraper is an invaluable tool on those cold winter mornings. Having it means you can keep your bank card safely tucked away in your pocket and clear ice away from your car windscreen (or any other surface) with this handy ice scraper. The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use and the sharp scraping edge means you'll be able finish and go to warm your hands in no time.

Garden tip: Fleece-lined gloves are an invaluable tool for early morning winter car care. They help to keep your hands warm with their insulated protection. You'll never have to feel that icy pinch ever again.

Size and Specifications

This super-simple Ice Scraper is also made from a durable plastic, so it'll withstand wear and tear. Available in blue. This product is Made in the UK.

(length x blade width)
210 x 100 mm
Material Durable plastic
Colour Blue


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