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CultiLab XL 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m Grow Tent Kit (Magnetic or Digital Ballast)

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A very affordable Complete Tent Kit, perfect for novice growers or gardeners looking to expand an existing set up.

Remove the worry and hassle of calculating your lighting and ventilation requirements for your space; This kit contains everything you need to erect a 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m growing environment thats properly ventilated, properly lit enclosed grow space that can get excellent results year-round!

We have a range of complete grow tents available, so have a look at our Kits page for all the other options if you’ve got the space available – You could even purchase several kits and use them in conjunction allowing you to have separate vegetative and flowering spaces.

We've used quality components to assemble this kit and you'll save money compared with what it would cost if you bought the items separately. The kit is easy to use, reliable and gives impressive results!

You can even choose what type of light kit you want included in the bundle, as the kit can be supplied with a magnetic ballast kit for £199.95 or an digital light kit that normally costs £74.95 by itself for only an extra £35 (£234.95)

This tent kit comes without a substrate so you'll need to think about how you want to grow; At the most basic level you can use soil and pots with hand watering. This Kit would work well with between 80 - 100L of soil per cycle, so if you put 4 plants in the tent, you should aim to finish them in 20 - 25L pots. As many as 9 plants can be used but the pots you will finish them in will be between 10 - 15L.

Alternatively you could use Coco coir which is an inert medium, so you get a lot more control over precisely what nutrients the plants will get. you can hand water coco coir in the same way as soil or use an automatic watering system such as an Autopot: their 4 pot system would fit and work well with this tent kit.

There are a number of hydroponic options too, which generally require less vertical space than pots and soil so more of the tent can be filled with foliage! You'll need to purchase your substrate or hydroponic system separately.

System Number of Plants
NFT GT100 1 - 9
Aeroponics Single Amazon 1 - 9
Ebb and Flow / Flood & Drain
EF230 1 - 9
Autopot 4-pot Autopot 4

You will also need to choose a range of nutrients for your chosen medium and system, there are different lines from the various brands that cater for different growing methods; it all depends on what might suite your gardening style. Try to keep things simple by sticking to one nutrient brand so you can be certain the various products within the ranges have a positive overall effect and won't interact negatively with each other.

Items in our XL Tent Complete Kit Includes the following: 

For more information on the individual items, please click on the respective product.

Cultilab Grow Tent 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m

Optilux Magnetic 600w Light Kit or Optilux Digital Light Kit

Assassin Carbon Filter 125 x 300

5m x 125mm Combi Ducting

3 x Jubilee Clips (100mm to 125mm)

Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer

Optilux Rope Rachets

3m ofreflective aluminium tape - make sure there’s no leaks in your extraction.

x5 cable ties - keep everything tidy within the tent

RVK Sileo 125mm (5") E2 L1 (322 M3/Hr)

*Please note that across the industry RVK Fans are not supplied with a UK plug or cable. If you do require a 3-pin plug & 3-core cable, please find it in the related products below, or get yours here.

How to Use

Assembly of the tent is straightforward, just push the tent poles into the corner pieces following the enclosed instructions. you then pull the fabric/Mylar tent skin over the frame.

The Tent has support bars across the roof so you can easily hang the lights and ventilation from the top of the tent, using the ventilation socks in the tent to pass the ducting through the tent without any risk of light leaks. Use the Jubilee clip to ensure the tight fitting of ducting to ventilation components. Ventilation fans should be run 24/7 to provide a constant air exchange for your plants. You could use a fan controller to run the fan at a slower speed to reduce noise and mount the fan with bungee cords to further reduce vibrational noise. RVK fans need to be wired with a standard UK plug which can be bought separately or found above, in the optional extras.

To install the light for use you should plug the ballast into the timer, the reflector into the ballast and the lamp into the reflector. Make sure your ballast has some space around it as it can get very hot when in use. Ideally the ballast should not be put on the floor, as there is an increased chance of water entering the unit in the event of a water leak. The jack chain can be used to easily raise or lower the height of the light. Ideally the light should be as close to the plant without burning them, which, for a 600w is normally between 10" - 18" above the canopy. You can put your hand under the lamp at the height of the plants; If it’s too hot for your hand, it is likely too hot for the plants so you should consider raising the height of the light so you don't end up slowly cooking them.

MH, HPS and dual spectrum bulbs are interchangeable with reflectors and ballasts if the wattages and voltage are matched.

Most plant species require a day length period of over 16hrs to vegetate and less than 12hr day length to start the onset of flowering and fruiting.

Please Note: In the event of stock shortages, alternative brands matching the same specification will be provided.