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Xtreme Gardening CalCarb

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  • Enhances Plants Carbon Dioxide Intake
  • Calcium in a plant available form
  • Strengthen Cell Walls
  • Stress Reduction and Plant Rescue
  • Can prevent powdery mildew and blossom end rot.
  • Great for any species of plant including vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers.
  • Available in 3oz (85g) / 6oz (170g)

CalCarb is the latest product in the Xtreme Gardening range of organic products. It’s a formulation of calcium and carbon in an unstable form that releases CO2 exactly where it’s needed at plant stomata and provides the plant with two of the nine macro nutrients required for proper plant nutrition; Carbon and Calcium.

CalCarb is an easy to use foliar spray proprietarily-derived from a natural occurring compound. It utilizes a new form of nanotechnology which processes the compound to such a fine size that it is able to permeate the foliage of plants. Once inside the cell walls, CO2 is released as both calcium and usable carbon dioxide, increasing photosynthesis levels three-fold.

Both calcium and carbon are critical to plant development. Calcium is generally supplied through the soil and carbon enters the plant as carbon dioxide which is necessary for photosynthesis to occur. CalCarb is a unique form of a simple and very common compound that contains both calcium and carbon. Calcium carbonate or CaCO3 is used in agriculture throughout most of the world to adjust soil pH levels. But CalCarb is an unusual form of calcium carbonate that is highly unstable, converting to calcium oxide (CaO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) rapidly when applied to the foliage.

These unique phenomena increases calcium availability to plants through the foliage, but more importantly, the CO2 levels directly outside and inside the stomata can rise threefold which is near the optimum for photosynthesis efficiency. CalCarb is currently the only product that you apply to the surface of plants for an increased CO2 levels.

CalCarb works as a Stress Reducer and Plant Rescuer - Forget to water? Didn't remember to bring that tender houseplant in before the first cold snap? If it is not too far gone, treat it with CalCarb and you may be able to rescue it. CalCarb helps in recovery by increasing photosynthesis in the foliage that is not too seriously damaged and by raising the surface pH of damaged foliage which deters airborne pathogens form taking advantage of the weakened cellular tissue.

Calcarb has a modulating effect on the pH at the leaf surface – increasing the pH to basic (alkaline) conditions under which powdery mildew cannot take hold. Regular application may Prevent End-Rot on fruiting varieties and Powdery Mildew from colonising leaf surfaces.

Calcarb is the only CO2 plant supplement that can be used outdoors due to the proximity to the stomata – the tiny openings in leaves part of the plant that actively uses CO2. Calcarb can enter the stomata where it releases CO2 and calcium.

How to use:

You simply dissolve one teaspoon per litre of water, mix well and decant into a sprayer. You then apply the spray to the underside of leaves. CalCarb is best suited for vegetative growth but can be used during flower by using short sharp, targeted bursts of spray – being extremely careful to avoid flowers as any spray onto flowers or fruit increases the chances of disease taking hold.

While the residue that’s left on the plant may look visually unappealing, it has lasting benefits for the plant, plant health and increased growth. You can wash CalCarb off, but the lasting benefits will be washed off too. The Xtreme Gardening team advise leaving it on for at least 36 hours after application.

Do not use Calcarb with other sprays nutrients/washes/pesticides for 36hrs after application as the active ingredients are only effective when mixed with water