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CX Horticulture PM Treatment 100ml

CX Horticulture PM Treatment 100ml

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  • Treament for Powdery Mildew
  • Safe for use on food crops
  • Non toxic spray that can be used right up to last day of harvest.
  • 100ml can make 10L of mixture

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Powdery Mildew is a fungus that can effect the leaves of plants, leaving a powdery deposit on the leaves - if left un-treated it can claim an entire crop.

CX P.M.T helps strengthen your plants immune reponse so their able to get rid of the infection, stop it spreading and also stop it coming back.

Use to strengthen leaf surfaces and provide a barrier against PM infections with no risk of chemical resistance.

CX P.M.T is completely safe and non-toxic and can be used on crops right up until harvest. We recommend against spraying anything late in flower as the moisture can become trapped and cause botrytis.

use at 10ml/L of water for foliar treatment: P.M.T is best used once a week as a preventative


Brand Canadian Xpress
Size 100ml

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