Propagation Lighting Kits

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Young plants have totally different lighting requirements when compared with vegetative or flowering plants - why waste electricity producing more photons & heat than required by using high intensity discharge (HID) lighting. Our propagation lighting kits contain everything you need to achieve enough light to get your cuttings rooted, your seedlings to germinate and your mother plants to keep in vegetative growth. You can also use our propagation lighting kits for early vegetative growth but the penetration is a lot less than HID equivalents, so the lower growth will be slowed. You should never use HID for young plants as the high intensity could be too much for them to cope with.For more on propagation lighting read our buyers guide below.

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Propagation Lighting Kits

During propagation, you’re laying your foundation for your future harvest so the structure, vigour and general plant health should be in their best condition going forward to maximise your quality and quantity in the later stages.

Our propagation lighting kits are perfect for bringing on your plants early in their life. They’re shipped with bulbs that are heavy in the blue spectrum so they promote foliage, stem and root growth but these can be swapped to red bulbs if you want to flower under T5 or CFL units, which will promote blossom, flowers and fruit. While these propagation lighting kits can be used as standalone options for your young cuttings, seedlings and mother plants, you can also use our propagation lighting as supplemental (alongside other lighting) during vegetative growth or flower - it just depends on how large your plants are what techniques you want to use. You can even position these at the base of your crop pointing up so your plants will be more productive across their entire length.

We recommend keeping your propagation lights on for between 16 - 24 hrs a day, with most growers opting for 18hrs on with a night length of 6 hours; This gives your plants an adequate chance for some rest during the lights down time, while promoting foliage, stems and root growth while lights are on.

Never use HID lighting on young plants as the sheer intensity and heat produced can wilt them. If too much light is provided to plants the transpiration rate increases and can quickly outstrip the plants ability to transport replacement liquids up the plant, leading to the tip of the plant dying through dehydration. When plants don’t recieve enough light, the new growth can display undesirable structural characteristics such as slowed growth, spindly weak stems as the plant stretches for the light and reduced leaf size.

All of our propagation lighting kits will work out of the box requiring no extras such as ballasts or reflectors to get them working - they’re plug and play with internal ballasts. We also stock replacement bulbs so any downtime is reduced or limited in the event of a failure.

If you’re unsure of the best Propagation lighting kit for your plants, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 who can advise you on the best range for your plant type, budget and space.