Aeroponic Systems

Aeroponics is one of the most advanced options for growing plants without soil. It’s technically it’s own subclass and not hydroponics but our normal hydroponic nutrient ranges will work perfectly in aeroponic systems. Plants in Aeroponic systems have access to nutrients, water and oxygen whenever it’s required so plants have the potential for unparalleled growth.

In Aeroponic systems, the plants are suspended above an enclosed chamber which mists nutrient solution over plant roots. The size of droplet produced is extremely important to plant health - too large and they’ll limit the roots access to oxygen and too small will encourage root hair growth without any lateral branching. All our systems produce an ideal droplet size so plants can grow a dense network of roots with enough root hairs to uptake nutrients at a fast rate leading to supercharged growth. Ready our buyers guide below for more info.

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One of the largest benefits of aeroponic systems is the small amount of media used to support the rootzone. This lack of a matrix means there's not as much waste between cycles and a much smaller chance for salt to build-up which could lead to toxicity, negatively affecting plant health. Without a substrate it's also much harder for pathogenic organisms to get a grip and spread between plants.

Amazon aeroponic system

The Amazon Aeroponic System is one of the only commercially available aeroponic systems that can support a plant through its entire life cycle; vegetative growth and flower. Amazon aeroponic systems can be tailored to your requirements depending on how many plants you want to be housed in the system - It can have anywhere from 4 to 32 holes, just in get contact when you make your purchase to specify how many holes you require.

X-Stream Propagator

Xtreme propagators are an aeroponic option for ensuring the highest possible strike rate when your cuttings root. They’re available in several sizes so you can keep propagating your favourite cultivar at whatever scale you choose. X-streams are only large enough to support a plant through its early stages, it must be moved onto a larger hydroponic system once rooted in an x-stream

You’ve got to maintain the cleanliness of your spray heads for your aeroponic system to continue functioning properly. Consider running something like drip-clean between cycles to dissolve anything that could block up your system - you could even run drip-clean whilst plants are in the system at a low dilution rate.

We also carry spares and components for both the Amazon and the X-Stream which can be handy to keep your system running in the event of a failure. The moving parts are the most likely to fail so it’s sensible to have a pump and replacement spray heads to hand.

If you’re unsure if Aeroponics is for you, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995, who can advise you on the best system for your plant type, budget, experience level and space.