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Home Care is where you come to find those items that you need to keep the areas around your home looking neat and tidy. Here, we'll store the items that help you keep paths and driveways safer when the worst winter weather hits. Ice and snow are real slip-hazards when temperatures plummet. Nobody wants to see our favourite delivery driver put out of action due to slipping outside your front door. Not when it's really-really easy to avoid.

General Home Care Maintenance

We know you're busy. But, keeping those areas around our home tidy is important. Our neighbours pass regularly, making silent judgement on how that side path looks and the state of the paint on your back gate. Spending 10 minutes at the weekend, inspecting those out-of-sight areas, means you can keep on top of jobs before they become an issue. It helps you do that quick bit of weeding and brushing the surface clean before it becomes an unmanageable jungle. Keeping on top of regular maintenance means small jobs are easier and quicker to complete. As a result, your home looks better and you get more time to enjoy other things.

Winter Care

Home Care is where we keep those winter care packs. You'll find items like: Snow Shovels, De Icing Salt and Salt/Grit applicators and windscreen scrapers. Those tools that you need close to hand when the worst of the winter weather hits. De Icing Salt helps to stop those slippy ice patches forming and snow settling on your pathways and drives around your home. If the bad weather really sets in, having a snow shovel to hand is really useful to clear the way, before applying De Icing Salt with the Twist and Thaw.

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