Reflective Sheeting

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Your grow lights cost money - both the initial cost and the cost of electricity to run them; you want to make sure these costs are being utilised and if you’re not using reflective sheeting some of your light is being wasted. Reflective sheeting is able to bounce the light photons back towards your plants, where they can contribute to the photosynthetic processes. For more on Reflective sheeting and how to use it in your indoor garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

Reflective Sheeting

Don’t waste your light! The use of reflective sheeting will help optimise your lighting and assist you in getting the most out of your plants leading to a larger yield. We stock a range of reflective sheeting that uses an assortment of technology to reflect light. Hotspots are an important consideration with most types of sheeting - it’s where the light rays get focused into a small point that will be extremely intense in terms of both lumens and heat.


Mylar is a metalized plastic that is robust because of the plastic and highly reflective due to the metal, usually aluminium included as part of the manufacture. This metal enveloped in plastic has characteristics similar to a highly polished metal or a mirror and they reflect light in a similar way. Incoming light rays are reflected according to the angle of incidence, like shining a laser at a mirror, the light will be reflected at the same angle it’s incoming. With diffuse reflection, the incoming light rays are scattered in all directions. Mylar needs to be installed as flat as possible with no creases, folds or dimples as these defects can focus the incoming light into a hotspot which could negatively affect your crop.

Diamond Lightite

Diamond Lightite is made in the same way as mylar but it has a pattern of raised dimples across the entire surface. These dimples allow diamond lightite to reflect light in a more diffused way than Mylar, reducing the chance of hotspots.


FLIRmask is a premium reflective sheeting that can reflect light across the entire spectrum without the spectrum shifting. FLIRmask also thermally insulates your room, saving you heating costs and keeping all your generated heat within your garden environment. The outermost layer of FLIRmask is made from highly reflective aluminium so it redirects photons of light from your grow bulb back onto the plants.


Orca is a premium reflective sheeting that isn’t based on metalized plastics, instead it uses a matt-white, microscopically fibrous structure that diffuses all incoming light rays while maintaining their spectral colour. Due to the diffuse nature of Orca Grow FIlm, it’s almost impossible to get hot spots.

Black and White

Black and White poly sheeting otherwise known as panda film is white on one side for reflection and black on one side to block light. It’s a budget option and isn't as reflective as metalized grow film or Orca but can be easy to install and won’t cause you hotspots if you don’t get it flat.

Floor secure

Floor secure isn’t reflective but it’s very durable and robust. It’s designed to line the floor of the room your garden is in, whether you're in a room or in a tent, floor secure can be placed underneath all of your equipment where it protects your property from damage in the event of an equipment leak or spill.

When hanging your sheeting, you can use a number of products to help. A Staple Gun can be used to permanently affix your sheeting to the walls of your room. For a more temporary solution, you could use Aluminium Tape to hang your sheeting - it’s also handy to cover any gaps between sheets. Orca Tape is manufactured from the same premium material as orca sheeting, so all of the reflected light will be diffused and without hot spots.

Never use kitchen aluminium foil to line your garden - it can cause more harm than good by causing hotspots - it's much better to paint your room matt white if you're looking for a DIY option. To learn more about reflective grow room sheeting, pop into one of our stores, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995