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Tools & Accessories

Our tools page contains an assortment of products that can help optimise in and around your indoor garden, however large or small.

First up are our range of air fresheners from top brands such as ONA, Citrus Magic and Sureair. It’s easy to get used to the smells of your grow room but others may notice the volatile organic compounds produced by your plants and stale odours released from tanks and reservoirs - help neutralise these smells with air fresheners to keep the environment around your growing area smelling fresh.

We offer a range of Spray Bottles for foliar feeding and pest control application as well as plant support solutions to hold your plants upright when the weight burden of fruit and blossom becomes too much for plants to take. You’ll also find magnifiers and microscopes to help identify potential pests in your indoor garden as well as measurement devices such as thermometers and hygrometers to enable you to get and maintain the perfect environment.

If you’re new to hydroponics, we can supply books on the hydroponic topic to enable you to grow your knowledge - from the broad aspects of hydroponics to the specifics of using a system such a NFT we’ve got the right book for you.

We also stock various harvesting tools such as scissors and drying racks, as well as traditional garden tools such as spades, trowels, brooms and dutch hoes of the garden variety.

Anything that can be used in or around an indoor garden that’s not covered in the other category pages is listed here - so make sure you have a look around, as you might find something to make your life easier. If you'd like more info on a particular tool, or can't see a specific one you're looking for, get in touch via email or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995

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