Nutrient Starter Kits

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Most brands of nutrients have an impressive line-up of products; but it can sometimes be confusing exactly what's needed for a particular growing method, especially for beginners.

You can be assured that all the starter kits on this page will work perfectly with their intended medium, substrate or system, including hydro, coco or soil.

Theres even starter kits for particular short flowering species, so you can tailor exactly what you're feeding to the plants. For more info on nutrient starter packs, read our buyers guide below

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Nutrient Starter Kits

Nutrient Starter Kits are perfect for beginners or those looking to migrate to a different range of nutrients.

Nutrient Multi Packs contain everything for around 4-plants for a complete cycle, allowing newcomers to ranges to test the results without purchasing huge bottles!

Once growers have settled on their prefered 'recipe' they usually purchase large bottles for the savings that can be gained.

Once you get your winning formula, we recommend you onyl change one variable at a time to make sure it's that product thats effecting your results.