Flowering Boosters

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Flower Boosters incorporate all products you use during the flowering phase that aren’t base nutrients - Boosters are designed to give particular elements and compounds that are beneficial for plant growth at particular stages when they’re needed; due to this flower boosters can often be used in a number of ways depending on the type of crop and what the grower intends the nutrient to do. Take a look at our Buyers Guide at the bottom of this page for more info.

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Buyer's Guide

Flower Boosters

There are several types of flower booster that are introduced to your reservoir at varying times during the cycle depending on the result you want. Read each product’s description to get an exact idea of what it does. Nutrients, including bloom boosters are increasingly being manufactured in concentrated powdered form, saving transport costs when compared to liquid nutrients.

PK boosters

PK boosters contain extremely high amounts of Potassium and phosphorous which are required in larger amount during the flowering and fruiting phases of plant growth. Supplying plants with high levels of P and K just when they need it can increase your total biomass, density and quality; All things that gardeners aspire to.

Plant Growth Regulators (PGR’s)

PGR’s are hormones that are naturally made within plants that modulate the plants response to their environment. There are several types that can have different effects on the plant depending on when they’re used. It’s important to flush heavily when using a product that contains PGR’s as they may impact on taste and flavour. The jury’s still out as to the extent PGR’s bind themselves to plant material, and whether or not a flush period will alleviate some of the downsides of PGR use. Our main recommendation when it comes to products with PGR’s is to experiment with low dosage rates until you're completely confident of the products effect on the particular cultivar you’re working with.

Blossom Stimulators

Blossom Stimulators are products that have low NPK values, but contain amino acids, sugars and micronutrients to help support profuse blossom. The use of some blossom stimulators can induce flowering earlier with less stretch than without a blossom builder - leading to the potential for more harvests over time due to the shorter flowering period.

Read the bottle carefully before use and if you’re mixing similar types of boosters, use half or quarter rates of both. It’s much easier to deal with an underfed plant compared with an overfed plant; especially during flower.