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8 Top Tips to Combat Snow, Ice & Freezing Temperatures

January marks the middle of the winter season. We’ve had the shortest day and keeping an eye on how they’re beginning to lengthen, by a couple of minutes a day. During the winter months, the weather can change in the blink of an eye.

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5 Benefits of Using Air Pots

Air pots offer you so many additional benefits that using them is a no-brainer. They’re manufactured from perforated, dimpled, recycled plastic. They’re incredibly hard-wearing and can be re-used for up to ten years. read more.

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Green Protect Home Fly Traps and Crawling Insect Traps

This article covers some popular methods to control flying and crawling pests in your home. From fly traps to silverfish. Read more now.

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SANlight EVO-Series LED Grow Lights Overview

The new SANlight EVO-Series promises to be the next EVO-lution in LED grow light technology for indoor gardeners.

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Future Garden – Lower Standard Delivery Cost

You asked and we delivered, again! We’ve listened to your feedback and have again dropped the price of our standard UK mainland delivery cost! Click through to find out about our new shipping prices now.

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Bird Identification Guide

This bird identification guide helps you find out which UK garden birds are visiting your garden. All you need is to put the kettle on and find a window to get comfortable by. Take some time out to sit and enjoy what’s going on in your garden.

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SANlight EVO-Series LED Grow Light – Applications

The new EVO-Series from SANlight promises to be the next EVO-lution in LED grow light technology for indoor gardening. Created for everyone, the EVO-Series brings you a range of LED light fixtures that cover a plant’s lifecycle from propagation to harvest. The size and output power (umol/s) available in the range covers everything from small prop’ tents all the way to professional Co2 grow rooms.

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Using Dripper Systems For Better Feeding

A dripper system is used to deliver water and nutrients directly to your plants roots. Read this blog article to find out all about dripper systems.

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7 Top Tips For Choosing Your Next LED Grow Light

Read how you can benefit from an LED grow light. LEDs are unlike all other grow lights. An LED grow light features an array of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). LEDs don’t burn a filament in a vacuum, instead, they pass light through semi-conductors to create a light spectrum. Click to read more today.

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Types of Soil To Grow Plants In

Soil is the one growing medium we are all familiar with. In its most literal form, soil is the upper layer of the land. Different soil types hold varying levels of water and nutrients, so this makes it an ideal place (as well as the natural place) for most plants to grow. Read on to find out more.

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