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What is a grow tent?

Sometimes referred to as a “Grow Room” a grow tent is basically a convenient, portable enclosed frame that allows you to grow a variety of […]

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Grow Lights for Plants

If you feel in the dark when it comes to choosing a grow light system, you are not alone. Whether you are a new grower […]

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Setting up a Grow Room

Setting up your first grow environment can seem very daunting but honestly it does not have to be. Not if you equip yourself with the correct knowledge first and get educated. Here’s a quick beginners guide to get you heading in the right direction.

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A Plant’s Lifecycle

To understand how to care for your plants properly it is essential to recognise and understand the different stages of a plant’s lifecycle. In doing […]

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Temperature in the Grow Room

Optimal Grow Room Temperature All plants have their optimum temperature, where growth and development are maximised. Temperature when growing indoors is essential to how efficiently […]

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10 Ways to Maximise your Flood & Drain

Want bigger, better, stronger crops with healthier roots and a more intense yield than ever before? Our expert guide on improving your flood and drain […]

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12 Tips for getting the most out of your AutoPot System!

If you want an easy-to-run and cheaply available Hydroponics system, we can’t recommend the Autopot System enough! Value-for-money wise, they’re a great investment and can […]

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New to Nutes? A Starter Guide to Nutrients

So you’ve got your hydroponics setup, selected your lighting and picked your plants. Good on you! But now you’re wondering, “But nutrients what do I […]

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How to Stop Root Rot?

What is root rot? Anyone who’s had any sort of gardening experience has dealt with the dreaded root rot. Root Rot is a very literal […]

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A History of Hydroponics

Ancient Hydroponics The word Hydroponics can be broken down into the Green ‘Hydro’, meaning Water, and ‘Ponics’ meaning ‘To work’. A literal translation of the […]

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