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Introducing our Garden Centre Essentials

As we edge ever closer to the end of December, it’s fair to say 2020 has been as challenging a year as many will be […]

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SANlight Q-Series LED Range: Eco Setup vs Expert Setup

On their own, each of the SANlight 2nd generation Q-Series LED grow lights are a technical marvel. Utilising cutting edge technology they’ve achieved an astounding […]

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The Benefits of Coco Coir

What is Coco Coir? Coco Coir is a by-product of the coconut and is an organic, environmentally sustainable, hardy, inert substrate that is used as […]

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Top Tips for making the most out of Clay Balls

Derived from small pieces of clay processed at extremely high temperatures, expanded clay pebbles are very popular with those growing in hydroponic systems but can […]

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Nutrients, Deficiencies and pH.

Plants like humans need the correct ratios of vitamins, minerals and elements to survive and thrive.  Understanding what you are feeding them, knowing how to […]

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What is a grow tent?

Sometimes referred to as a “Grow Room” a grow tent is basically a convenient, portable enclosed frame that allows you to grow a variety of […]

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Grow Lights for Plants

If you feel in the dark when it comes to choosing a grow light system, you are not alone. Whether you are a new grower […]

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Setting up a Grow Room

Setting up your first grow environment can seem very daunting but honestly it does not have to be. Not if you equip yourself with the correct knowledge first and get educated. Here’s a quick beginners guide to get you heading in the right direction.

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A Plant’s Lifecycle

To understand how to care for your plants properly it is essential to recognise and understand the different stages of a plant’s lifecycle. In doing […]

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Temperature in the Grow Room

Optimal Grow Room Temperature All plants have their optimum temperature, where growth and development are maximised. Temperature when growing indoors is essential to how efficiently […]

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