Propagation Lighting

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Plants in propagation have different requirements to mature plants in terms of nutrients, humidity and lighting. We recommend the use of low powered or eco-lighting in order to avoid burning the fragile leaves as HID lighting can be too strong for young plants. We stock a range of T5 and CFL lighting in terms of size and wattage to suite any size of propagation operation. For more info on Propagation Lighting and how to use them in your indoor garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

Propagation Lighting

We stock a range of lighting options for you to root your cuttings under. Make sure you purchase a lighting option that’s suitable for your size space as our T5’s come in a range of sizes with different numbers of lamps included in the fixture.

If you need to dim a T5 unit, you can turn the individual bulbs which will turn them off. On the large 4ft units, each bulb you turn off will reduce the output and consumption by 54w while the smaller T5 bulbs are 24w each.

T5 units have a very low heat output, so you can put them really close to your propagator lid without worrying about causing heat stress to your plants.

You’ll want blue bulbs during propagation and vegetative growth but you should swap to red bulbs if you want to flower under the unit. Your results during vegetative growth and flower would be better under an equivalent HID light but some growers prefer using T5’s throughout an entire cycle due to heat issues.

We also stock a range of CFL’s that can be hung or installed in a reflector for improved performance. CFL’s are available in Red, Blue and dual spectrum colours so make sure you choose the type that's suitable for your purpose. Blue and Dual spectrum bulbs are perfect for early propagation and vegetative growth but as your plants transition into flower, you’ll want to swap to red bulbs.

Some growers keep their propagators in 24hrs of light a day to get the cuttings to root faster - Similar results can be obtained with 18hrs of light a day and the cost of running the lights will be cheaper.

If you’ve got more questions about Propagation Lighting get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 or email us as we can advise you on the benefits of Propagation Lighting and help you use them in your environment.