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Buckets are essential in all small gardens and most medium sized gardens. They’re extremely versatile tools that can be used in a variety of situations. For more info on Buckets and how to use them in your indoor garden, read our buyers guide below.

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At the most basic level, buckets can be used to mix small amounts of nutrient solution for storage. Our buckets are 20l so will provide more than enough nutrient solution for 4 plants. If using buckets for storage, it’s recommended to run an air line with air stone into the solution to keep it oxygenated.

Easy to transport when full, buckets are used in hand watering scenarios to carry the nutrient solution around the garden for easier watering and less back and forth with smaller amounts. In larger gardens a reservoir can be used to mix a large amount, which can then be decanted into buckets for watering around the garden.

Our buckets can also be used to make your own hydroponic system. You’ll need a drill and all the fixtures, fittings and pipe to make the type and size of system you require. DIY systems can be better than off-the-shelf options as the spacing between plants can suite the space better and you can engineer redundancies to give more of a buffer in the event of a failure.

Buckets can also help you increase the humidity within a space - if you leave the lid off the bucket full of water with a fan blowing across the top, the water will be evaporated - increasing humidity. This method of raising humidity is hit-and-miss, with no real way of knowing how much water will be evaporated since it depends on the existing humidity and temperature of the room. While it’s not recommended to rely on this technique, it can save plants in extremely low humidity situations where they may otherwise wilt. For a more stable form of producing humidity, have a look at our pure factory humidifiers for small spaces and our HR15 humidifiers for larger spaces.

If you’ve got more questions about Buckets get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 or email us as we can advise you on the uses of Buckets.