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We stock a full range of indoor grow tents & reflective sheeting for use in hydroponic applications. Top brands such as budbox and greenqube. A selection of high performance reflective and plastic sheeting is available. Environment is key to success. For more info on Grow tents and sheeting and how to use them in your indoor garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

Grow Tents & Reflective Sheeting

Grow Tents

Grow tents contain your growing environment and contribute towards the efficiency of your garden by maximising your light distribution. All our tents are easy to install or disassemble and can be packed away into a small space when not in use.

All our ranges of tents have several features in common.

  • A reflective, Waterproof catchment tray: helps prevent water leaks and property damage.
  • Light-proof ventilation socks to pass ducting and cables through.
  • Support bars to hang all your equipment on.
  • Passive intake vents, If you just want an out-take extraction, Air will be passively drawn in through the vents.


The Budbox Pro range of premium tents, offer innovations created specifically for the indoor garden, including powder coated poles and corner pieces for longevity of life in a moist environment. Tinted inspection panels allow you to view your plants during the dark period without stressing them out.

Green - Qube

Green Qubes are manufactured in the UK, All of Green Qubes tents are rated to 100kg hanging weight, so you can install all your equipment without worry. Green Qubes are 220cm tall as standard allowing you to maximise the use of your space, but are available in the standard 200cm size for those with height issues.

Roof - Qube

Roof Qubes have many of the benefits of Green Qube grow tents but have been designed to fit in loft & attic spaces. Roof qubes have a pitched roof allowing it to be installed in places that would normally require a shorter tent - allowing you to grow your plants taller and use more of the available space.


Hydroshoot grow tents are manufactured by Secret Jardin and represent great value for money. You get many of the benefits of a premium tent for a fraction of the cost. Hydroshoot’s are perfect for those embarking on a hydroponic project for the first time, or those looking to extend an existing set-up on a budget.

Reflective grow Sheeting

We Carry a range of high performance reflective sheeting that is able to reflect a large percentage of incoming light while minimizing hot spots. Reflective grow sheeting is particularly useful in bigger indoor gardens where a larger area can be covered in reflective grow sheets, rather than multiple small tents or a single large tent.

Different types of reflective sheeting uses a surprising assortment of unassociated technology, so the characteristics of the sheet such as reflectivity, how much the light is diffused and how much of a spectral shift the reflected light goes through can widely vary depending on the type of sheet.

Orca film roll is a premium sheeting, having both a high reflectivity and diffuse pattern, scattering the light in all directions, leading to an equal distribution of the light in your environment. Diamond Lightite Sheeting also has a high reflection and the dimples embedded on the surface allow the light to be bounced in many directions, creating a diffused pattern but diamond lightite is more prone to hotspots than Orca. Standard Mylar is also available but this needs to be hung as flat as possible to prevent the light rays being reflected perfectly parallel, which could cause hot-spots and burn your plants.

As well as high performance reflective sheeting, we also carry a range of thicknesses and different types of sheets for a variety of uses, including for protecting your floor and property from potential water spills.

Grow tent accessories

We also stock a range of grow tent accessories to help you streamline the routines and processes of your indoor garden, contributing to your completion of mundane tasks much quicker. You can also find a selection of reflective tapes to join your grow room sheeting together.

Grow Tent Kits

We also carry several complete grow kits that contain everything needed (except a substrate) to successfully produce results. Everything in the kit has been selected to work together and is much cheaper as a kit than when bought seperately.

If you've got any questions about grow tents and sheeting, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995

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