Air Fresheners and Odour Control

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Indoor gardens can be a continuous source of potent unwanted smells - from rotting vegetation to stagnant water and chemical smells - Grow rooms are a serious source of lingering odours that are hard to remove from a space and can even travel with you after leaving your garden. Combating smells from your grow room is a task most growers are familiar with - whether stagnant water from your reservoir or a particularly fragrant plant, you don’t want to smell your garden all the time. Luckily we stock a plethora of odour removal options. From industrial strength sprays to slow release gels, You’ll find the perfect delivery method in a pleasing scent to help you to combat your unwanted smells. Make sure you pick up some of our odour control and air freshener products to deal with odours as and when they arise. For more info on our selection of Air Fresheners and Odour Control options and how to use them in and around your garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Air Fresheners and Odour Control

You’ll still need a carbon filter alongside whichever range of odour control products you choose - the filter will ensure no smells will escape your garden when unattended, but some smells can escape when you open a door to check your plants which is when the air fresheners will be most useful. You should never use our air fresheners and odour control within your growing environment unless there are no plants as the propellants can damage foliage and taint the flavour of your fruit - only use sprays and blocks in adjacent rooms. All of our odour control products are high quality, reasonably priced and specifically formulated.

Odour Control Block

Odour control blocks are solid blocks made of a waxy material that releases its scent slowly and predictably over a long period of time. You can use them as a standalone product, just by opening the container they come in and they’ll start releasing their scent and odour neutralising capabilities. We also stock odour control ducts that house an ONA block inside ducting - this is to be used in conjunction with a carbon filter but acts as a second shield scenting the already purified air.

Odour Control Pressurized Sprays

We stock several ranges of pressurised sprays from power blast, power fresh and sureair which are formulated for industrial applications. A quick blast of less than a second will fill an entire room with your chosen scent - which will persist for a few days after spraying.

Odour Control Pump Sprays

Pump sprays offer a concentrated option without aerosols - it’s a lot less likely to cause damage to polished surfaces and furniture but offers the same great range of smells for your odour control needs.

Odour Control liquid

Odour control liquid is one of the most versatile forms of odour neutralising agent - You can use it as a standalone product as well as to refresh gel. You can also dilute ONA liquid with water and use it as a spray which can be used on fabrics, furniture and air.

Odour Control Gel

Our range of Gel products evaporate their scent at a faster rate than blocks so they’re perfect in areas where there's not much airflow but may evaporate too quickly in direct airflow such as in-duct applications. We stock various scents and sizes so whatever your preference there will be a choice to suite you.

Ozone generator

Ozone is three oxygen atoms together in an unstable form - one of these oxygen atoms will break off and attach to any pathogens, microorganisms or smells killing them dead. Ozone sterilises and disinfects grow room surfaces and equipment so it's perfect for use in between cycles to get your space clean as well as running it at lower levels while plants are in the room. Ozone also has quite a strong, sweet, sharp and fresh smell - You’re likely to have smelt it just before or after a heavy thunderstorm. Ozone helps kill: Mould, Bacteria, Mildew and smells

If you’re unsure which Air Fresheners and Odour Control option is best suited for your requirements and space, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 as we can advise you on the best solution for your budget.