750 Watt Lighting Kits

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750w lighting fixtures fill the gap between 600w and 1000w units. With intensity rivalling a 1000w, the heat output is much lower than a 1000w, so you can use a 750w fixture in situations with a limited height. If you need more info on 750w light kits, read our buyers guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

750w lighting fixture

750w 400v lighting kits rival the efficiency of larger fixtures, producing around 2 μmol of light per watt of input electricity, allowing you to push your plants to get a higher yield.

Double Ended 750w Grow light fixtures produce 13% more light than equivalent single ended fixtures, so you get more photons for your plants to use in photosynthetic processes, increasing growth rates during veg and yield during fruiting and flowering.

With a significantly increased output, higher efficiency, lower maintenance and increased light uniformity, the 750w fixture provides a clear upgrade path for current 600W fixture users with minimal investments and maximal gains.

750w fixtures will work well at a distance of 0.5m from your canopy and can be used to illuminate an area from 1m2 up to 1.5m2 footprint per fixture. You can use as many 750w units to light your space, just centre one unit in each 1.2m2 section.