Full Climate Control

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Full Climate control systems for use in closed loop grow rooms. Opticlimate units are able to heat, cool, dehumidify, circulate and scrub the air - all in one unit without additional equipment such as extraction fans, ducting and carbon filters. Read our buyers guide below for more info on full climate control.

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Full Climate Control

We Stock a full range of indoor climate control options manufactured by opticlimate that can heat, cool, dehumidify and circulate the air within your growing environment.

Opticlimate units eliminate the need for a separate intake, outtake, Carbon Filter & Fan by combining all functions into one unit, that the user can set to particular ranges which will be maintained by the opticlimate. You can set your temperature and ideal humidity level for both the night and day periods, resulting in the perfect climate to facilitate strong, vigorous plant growth.

There are two main types of Opticlimate units; The split unit and the Water cooled. The Split unit consists of two boxes, one that sits outside of your property and one that can be mounted inside your indoor garden or next to it; Similarly to an industrial AC unit, the outside mounted box does the cooling of the air and then it’s transported to the box near your grow room where it is circulated. The water-cooled unit uses running water through a series of pipework to cool the air. While this can use a lot of water, it can be cheaper to run due to the lower electricity costs and it’s not as intrusive to your property as it can be contained in the same room as your growing environment - with no boxes external to your property.

Both Air cooled and split units contain ceramic heaters to warm the air if it’s too cold so the maximum and minimum set temperatures can be maintained. This allows for a consistent temperature, regardless of the outside ambient temperatures, meaning your results will be more consistent in terms of yield and quality between cycles. This consistency will also allow you to dial-in your favourite cultivar since transpiration rates and therefore nutrient uptake will also remain uniform - with less variables to deal with, the ones you do choose to manipulate, such as different ranges of nutrients are more likely to show you their true effects.

Opticlimate have a large range of different units that have been manufactured based on the number of lights the garden has that the opticlimate will be operating in. It’s best to over spec your opticlimate so it doesn't have to run at full capacity.

We appreciate that Opticlimate control systems are for gardeners looking for consistant, reliable results. If you've got any questions or would like to see an opticlimate room in operation, pop into our Chigwell store, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995