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While no amount of reading will give you practical knowledge, Increasing your breadth and depth of knowledge in a particular, specialised system will help any gardener in their quest for mastery of the hydroponic topic. This allows gardeners to identify and treat problems faster, with more of informed overview of their garden, including limitations and most cost-effective improvements. For more info on our range of hydroponic, aquaponic and grow room books, take a look at our buyers guide below.

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Hydroponic books

We stock some of the best books for the indoor growing of plants at home including best sellers from top authors in the field. A range of topics are covered in detail. Some books include step-by-step guides while others have diagram illustrations for easy reading.

Make sure you take a look at the range of books and choose the right one for your system type and preferred cultivar as the management of systems will differ depending on the type of plant in the system. Reading around a topic will allow you to be more informed so you’ll be more clear on the correct action to take when reacting to problems or improving the system.

If you’ve got more questions about Hydroponic Books get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 or email us who can advise you on the most suitable book for you.