Base Nutrients

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This range of base nutrients provide your plants with all the essential elements they need for healthy growth. Base nutrients can be 1, 2 or 3 part and are often further split into "grow" and "bloom" with additional nitrogen or phosphate for the corresponding stage of growth. Base plant food, (nutrients) are required to feed your plant's growth throughout its lifecycle. Additives and boosters are aimed at providing additional nutrients for the specific stage of growth, and are aimed at improving your end results. Base nutrients are required throughout the plant's life. Boosters, and additives, are intended to be used at, and are aimed at, certain points in the plant's life. Boosters and additives don't cover the plant's basic requirements as a plant feed, and can’t grow healthy plants by themselves. This is why they're marketed as "additives" and "boosters" are used in addition to your base nutrients. For more information on base nutrients, read our buyer's guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

Base Nutrients

Base nutrients contain all of the elements the plant needs to grow and carry out its metabolic processes such as photosynthesis. Base Nutrients can be manufactured from organic or mineral sources. Organics are best used in soil, while mineral nutrients are normally utilised in hydroponic systems. While organic ranges can be used in hydro systems, they’re a lot more likely to block lines.

The manufacturers of nutrients tailor their different ranges for the specific substrate, with most brands having separate ranges for: Soil, coco, aqueous solutions and inert substrates like rockwool. Different substrates require separate ranges because the chemistry between substrates can affect the nutrients availability to the plant’s roots. Make sure you use nutrients that are tailored for your specific substrate for the best results.

Base nutrients are normally split into grow and bloom - you’ll need both of these types if you want to grow plants to their highest potential through their full cycle. Some ranges also have ‘straight through’ nutrients that have been tailored for general plant health no matter where in the cycle you are.

After you’ve chosen your substrate and nutrient range to go with it, you’ll notice the bottles can be 1 part, 2 part (A + B) or 3 part.

1 Part Nutrients

1 part nutrients contain everything needed for plant growth in one bottle - you simply follow the dilution rates on the feed schedule for good results. 1 Part nutrients are perfect for those with less experience since there's fewer bottles and less fuss.

2 Part Nutrients

2 part nutrients are split into A and B bottles. You mix equal parts of each into the reservoir, making sure the A is thoroughly mixed in before dosing with the B. If mixed in their raw forms, A+B can react together with some of the nutrients dropping out of the solution. This could clog dripper lines, and change the nutritional ratio present in the tank which could lead to deficiencies and problems for your plants. When you buy 1L of A+B, you get 1L of each A and B.

3 Part Nutrients

3-part nutrients offer the most variability to the grower as the ratio of the dose between the 3 parts changes throughout the entire lifecycle of the plant. This enables the grower to give more or less of a particular nutrient during any critical points during growth, just when that nutrient is required by the plant, supercharging your results.

If you’re unsure of the correct nutrition for your plants, email us or get in touch with our specialist team 0800 085 7995 who can advise you on the best range for your plant type, budget and space.