Gavita Full Lighting Kit

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Gavita supply their fixtures to large scale greenhouses as well as hobbyists, providing some of the highest quality fixtures in the industry that are robust and long-lasting units that will allow your garden to keep producing. The initial cost of Gavita units is substantially higher than budget options but the reliability and performance allows the costs to be recouped over time with higher yields. For more info on gavita, read our buyers guide below or if you want more info on a specific product, click on the image of that product.

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Buyer's Guide

Gavita Complete Fixtures

How much height?

The height needed depends on the wattage of the lights you plan to use. With 1000w lights, you’ll need 2.4m to ensure that there’s not an issue with too high intensity or heat. With 750w light fixtures and lower you can get away with a 2m tall tent without issues. We recommend mounting your lights at the top of your space allowing your entire environment to be bathed in a uniform intensity.

Which Gavita reflector?

Gavita have several options of reflector that can spread the light in different footprints, trading intensity for spread of light. The reflectors are suitable for different applications so make sure you get the right reflector for the application your environment requires.

HR96 reflector

The HR96 is the standard reflector shipped with Gavita lighting fixtures, offering high penetration and a rectangular, uniform footprint. Best used in indoor gardens with multiple, overlapping lights.

M110 reflector

With a beam angle of 110 degrees, the M110 reflector is best used in rooms with one light source (small tent) or where rows of plants are used, such as in a poly tunnel or long, thin indoor garden.

W150 reflector

The m150 reflector has a beam angle of 150 degrees so it spreads its light over a larger area. You can use the M150 reflector if you’ve got height issues that prevents a HR96 being used or if your supplementing the sun.

Lamp replacement

Gavita lamps lose 5% of their output per year so you should aim to replace your lamps every 12 months to ensure the fixtures maintain a high output.