Irrigation Fittings & Pipework

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This range of irrigation parts, fittings, and irrigation pipe work is perfect for anyone building and maintaining their own hydroponic irrigation system. The range of parts is perfect for simply replacing existing equipment with like for like fittings. Maintaining and replacing your old irrigation fittings for new, ensures your system's integrity and helps to keep it running for longer. Regular renewal of pipes and fittings reduces the likelihood of issues, like clogging, while swapping out fatigued equipment reduces the risk of leaks and spillages. A well maintained indoor garden is more efficient, runs for longer, and exhibits fewer issues. Read our buyers guide below to find out more about our range of irrigation fittings.

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Buyer's Guide

Irrigation Fittings and Pipework

Irrigation fittings and Pipework are commonly used in both consumer and commercial hydroponic systems. As long as you match sizes, our components will work in all off the shelf or home-made systems.

We carry quality, reasonably priced pipe and fittings in commonly used sizes within the hydroponics field. These are 6mm, 13mm, 16mm, 20mm and 25mm.

Irrigation Pipe Work

Irrigation pipe work is essential if you’re moving water or nutrient solution from one place to another. You'll use irrigation hoses with a nutrient pump, so you’ll be able to fill your storage tank from a tap at a sink or drain your system when changing the reservoir into a drain. Alternatively, you can use somewhere like the toilet.


Pipe Connectors come in a range of sizes including “T’s”, “Y’s”, Reducers, cross pieces and nipples. You’ll find all common sizes of irrigation pipe work has the appropriate connector fittings available. Irrigation connectors allow you to connect two ends of irrigation pipe work, safe in the knowledge there won’t be any leaks.

Irrigation Drippers

Irrigation Drippers are the interface between your irrigation system and plants. The position of the dripper dictates where the nutrient solution will be delivered to your plant's roots. There are different types of drippers, and all are capable of different flow rates. Choose the right type for your application.

Flood drippers are best used in Hydro or Aquaponic applications. The simple arrow dripper is perfect for substrates with a higher water holding capacity, like soil and coco coir.

Irrigation Flow Control Taps

Irrigation Flow Control Taps work by reducing the space the water has to pass through, which acts to reduce the pressure on the other side of the control tap. This is perfect for high pressure systems, that need to be turned down, or when you use a larger pump than required.

Flow control taps can also be used to balance pressure across large systems where multiple pumps are used. They ensure all plants are fed the same amount of water at each feed.

Irrigation Manifolds

Manifolds equally split a single input into multiple outputs. They’re perfect for making your own dripper system. We offer manifolds with 4x outputs, 6x outputs and 8x outputs in a number of sizes and materials. Manifolds are most often used along with dripper line or tube as the output with a dripper stake on the end.

Garden tip: If you're having trouble fitting pipe onto any components, warm up the end of pipe you want to attach by dunking it in a mug of very hot water from the kettle. Make sure it’s not boiling when you submerge the pipe. The pipe will become more malleable while warm and will return to being as rigid, when it cools. Doing this allows you to easily fit the irrigation pipes and ensures a watertight fit.

You can use as many drippers per plant as you want. Most complete systems are shipped with one dripper per plant, but using 2x or more drippers per plant adds redundancy, meaning that the plant will still be irrigated if one of the lines or drippers get blocked.

If you’ve got more questions about Irrigation Fittings and Pipework or if you’re unsure if they’re right for your system, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995