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Feed timers are much more precise than normal heavy duty timers - with much shorter segments in any 24hr period they can be adjusted to pump water for seconds or minutes rather than 15 minutes the tappets on regular timers represent. This will allow the user to feed for a much shorter duration more frequently allowing for ‘little and often’ watering technique. For more info on our selection of Feed Timers and how to use them in your garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Feed Timers

Feed timers allow you to precisely set the frequency and duration for the irrigation of your plants from as little as one second intervals. Feeding little and often increases the roots access to oxygen so will actually increase plant uptake of water and nutrients, improving yields.

Irrigation timers remove much of the hassle of hand watering as you can match your plants uptake of nutrient solution precisely to how much feed you supply. Make sure you never overwater with automatic feed timers - Some experimentation will be required as different plant species will have individual uptake rates. The size of a plant and the stage they’re in can also affect transpiration rates as well as environmental conditions such as temperature, relative humidity and wind speed.

You’re most likely to use an irrigation timer with a dripper set-up such as a Wilma, rockwool slabs or a Topspin dripper system but they can also be used with flood and drain systems. Some systems such as NFT and aeroponic methods require feed pumps to constantly pass nutrient solution over roots so pumps will need to be on 24/7.

Choose the right timer and never miss a feed again!

Imperium Feed Timer

The imperium feed timer allows a gardener to finely tune their feed frequency and duration. With 28 settings to choose from, there will be the perfect option to match your feed to plant uptake. If you’re after a unit with even more accuracy have a look at the Imperium Feed Timer Plus that includes more features such as a segmental timer - giving the user even more options for their feed times, frequency and duration.

SMS Nutrimatic Feed Timer

The SMS Nutrimatic Feed Timer allows you to carefully control your feed regime. Plants can sense the time of day and require more feed and water in the morning while they require less feed in the evening - The Nutrimatic feed timer gives more frequent feeds during the morning to accommodate for this. This will aid plant growth as the roots won't be over-saturated during the lights off period.

IWS Feed Timer

We offer two types of IWS Feed timers that have been manufactured with drippers or flood and drain in mind - Purchase the right one for your type of system to ensure the proper feeding of your crop. When you get the feed duration right, plant growth will explode and you’ll get higher yields as well.

Intellidose Kit

The Intellidose Kit is the most comprehensive feed controller we stock - It constantly measures pH, E.C and Temperature. The controller can automatically dose your reservoir depending on the readings it receives. It has 4 pumps that can draw your chosen feed components at very precise rates to ensure your tank is always within optimal limits. With the intellidose you can leave your plants for long periods of time safe in the knowledge all the parameters within your nutrient solution are monitored and within safe limits.

If you’ve got more questions about the Feed Timers we stock or if you’re unsure if they’re right for your system, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 who can advise you further on the applications of feed timers