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This range of bird boxes are tailored for a wide range of British birds. Birds use nest boxes as a safe haven for adult nesting birds, eggs, baby birds and fledglings. Gardman and Peckish nest boxes give the best results, as they're designed to the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) standards.

Different bird breeds require different sized nest box opening apertures and positions. Blue tit's will nest in a box with one size opening, while Sparrows and Starlings need a larger opening. Nest boxes help to protect garden birds from predators, which helps to boost bird populations.

Nesting birds can help your garden. When eggs hatch, nesting birds are on a constant lookout for caterpillars and other insects to feed their young. Left unchecked, these pests might otherwise have free reign on your vegetables and fruits. If you love your local birdlife (let's be honest, who doesn't!) then put up a nest box in your garden.

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