Water Filtration

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Filtering your nutrient solution is essential in recirculating hydroponic systems since particulates from your medium can be carried by the flow of water. These particles can settle out in low pressure areas of the system or they can get caught in small diameter pipes such as dripper stakes. Either way, wherever these particles settle, your system will be at risk of blockages. Use of an inline water filter will reduce the amount of loose particles flowing through your system, reducing blockages. Filters such as the growmax range can be used to reduce the PPM of dissolved solids in your tap water. This enables the grower to precisely add the ratio of nutrients available to the plant, rather than relying on consistent dissolved carbonates in tap water. For more info on Water Filtration and how to use them in your indoor garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Water Filtration

Pure water has the chemical composition of H2O with a CF of 0 but from municipal water sources there are various contaminants. These contaminants can be solid particulates or dissolved compounds. The amount of dissolved carbonates determines how ‘hard’ the water is, with high amounts of carbonates making the water hard, as in most of the UK. Solid particles will not affect the p.h or E.c of a solution while the larger amount of dissolved salts, the larger the E.C / CF / PPM of the solution. Other chemicals are added by the water board across the country to treat the water, such as fluorides which can have negative impact on beneficial microbe populations.

Inline Water Filter

Inline water filters are used in active recirculating hydroponic systems to reduce particles that can cause blockages. If you’re using a substrate such as soil or coco in a recirculating system like a Wilma, RDWC or flood and drain, use of an inline filter can prolong the life of your equipment and keep it delivering nutrient solution to the roots of your plants, ensuring continued harvests.

Growmax Water Filter

The growmax water filter will remove particulates from your incoming water while reducing the total number of dissolved salts. Some dissolved content will remain but it will be cleaner than without a filter.

Growmax Reverse Osmosis Filter

Reverse Osmosis water is as pure as possible, meaning it’s extremely close to 100% H2O without any salts. Its really easy to measure E.C, TDS or CF but all these measurements are a value of total salts and gives no indication of the ratio of these salts. In hard water areas, carbonates are the most common dissolved compounds, comprising of magnesium, calcium and carbon.

By using a R/O filter, several benefits for plants are gained:

  • More of the dissolved nutrients are to actively facilitate plant growth - even the most hardy plants can only take a maximum e.c of 2.4, by removing the carbonates, more nutrients can be added and plants can be pushed harder.
  • Promotes the health of roots - roots will be able to uptake 100% of the added nutrients that actively promote plant growth without having to contend with excessively high levels of calcium and magnesium carbonate
  • Protect Beneficial Microorganisms - Fluorides are found in all tap water and can be toxic to plants in too high a concentration. Fluorides also kill microorganisms, negating positive effects you are expecting from microbial products. Fluorides also attack the root hairs of plants, reducing the amount of water and nutrients it can uptake.

If you’ve got more questions about Water Filtration, the different types or what would suite your garden, get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 or email us who will advise you further on the uses of Water Filtration.