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Range of Gardman and Peckish bird food for bird feeders, bird tables or even feeding direct the on the ground. The range offers: Seed mixes to attract a mix of birds to your feeding station. Specialist feeds like peanuts, sunflower seeds and mealworms that target a narrower range of birds such as: robins, blue tits and goldfinches. The range of suet feeds & treats include everything from energy balls, suet cakes, energy bites and nuggets. We even offer a range of squirrel proof suet cakes and pellets to deter squirrel attacks. These high-energy, fat-based feeds are perfect for garden birds looking for a boost! They're great for feeding the birds all year round, but especially during the cooler autumn and winter months.

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  1. Peckish Daily Goodness Mealworm Suet Cake - 300g

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