630 Watt Lighting Kits

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630w grow light fixtures implement 2 x 315w CMH bulbs for a total of 630w, rivaling the input of lighting fixtures that are traditionaly used (600w HPS). The great thing about CMD bulbs is that they are superior to almost all other types of plant lighting due to the balanced spectral output they produce and their high efficiency that produces more photons per second than other types of fixture - outperforming traditional lighting in terms of luminosity and spectrum. For more info on 630w fixtures and how to use them in your indoor garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

630w CMH Fixtures

CMH is the latest technology that top growers want their hands on - The units on this page combine 2 x 315w lamps into a single fixture that produces enough light to rival HPS fixtures - while simultaneously having a more varied output than any other HID lighting.

We're noticing that many gardeners are introducing these lights as supplementary sources of a balanced spectrum - using one 315w CDM bulb for every 1000w-1200w of HPS - allowing the yield and efficiency from HPS while introducing quality and speed of fruiting from the CDM.

The quality of light that CDM units produce are quickly proving themselves in the industry. If you strive for quality produce, converting your garden to entirely CDM is a good place to start.