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Leaves require air flow to refresh the stale, CO2 depleted air around the leaf so the plant can continue photosynthesizing - If there’s too much air flow, the plants may close their stomata in an attempt to reduce their water loss and if they don't they may lose a lot of water through transpiration. If high wind speeds are maintained for a long period of time, leaves could get wind burnt, where they dry out, getting crispy and yellow around the edges - severely affecting the plant going forward. Use of an air diffuser ensures that all plants receive a gentle breeze. Read our buyers guide below for more info on Diffuseair

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Air Diffuser

Even and uniform air distribution can aid your environment in several key ways:

The air across the garden will be more mixed so the plants will all be experiencing the same air temperatures and amount of co2.

the intake air is split into 12 directions, so no single plant will recieve too much windspeed which could cause wind burn.

You can use air diffusers on your intake to spread your fresh air across your entire indoor garden. You can also use them to mix the existing air in your room so they’ll perform a similar function to air movement fans without taking up as much space under your lights - You’ll have more room in your space to fill with foliage, flowers and fruit.

If you’ve got more questions about Air Diffusers get in touch with email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 who can advise you on the benefits of air diffusers and help you pick the best size of diffuser for your space.