Air Pruning Pots

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Air Pruning Pots increase your root mass by pruning the roots that are close to the sides of the container. This works to promote more root tips to grow further back down the main root. This will utilise more of your medium than a normal plastic pot and stops roots circling. Click to read the buyer's guide below for more info on our selection of air pruning plant pots, and how to use them in your garden.

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Buyer's Guide

Air Pruning Pots

Air pruning pots provide much more access to aeration than normal round or square pots. The roots grow into this aerated medium where they get dried out and ‘air pruned’, a process that causes more root hairs to grow along the root which has been pruned. This builds a strong, fibrous root mass that utilises much more of the substrate.

At The most basic level, you can hand water your chosen root pruner but they also work well with dripper systems or Ebb and Flood. You can even use any substrate you want and the air pruning will work it’s magic.

Super roots Air Pots

Air pots are perforated plastic pots with a series of dimples around the entire container, much like an egg box. These dimples encourage the roots towards the holes in the plastic where they are air pruned. Air pots are shipped flat-pack and can easily be constructed for use or packed away when not needed. Air pots are robust and strong and will last for many cycles. We recommend cleaning your airpots between cycles to ensure no problems are passed to the next crop.

Fabric Air pruner pots

Fabric pots made out of recycled plastic bottles so their manufacture is not negative for the environment. The larger sizes of root pouches we stock come with carry handles so they’re easy to move around your grow environment. Another great thing about root pouches is when transplanting you can put the entire root pouch into a larger pot. This will reduce the amount of transplant shock the plants receive so they’ll bounce back a lot faster.

If you’ve got more questions about the Air Pruning Pots we stock or if you’re unsure if they’re right for your system, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 who can advise you further on the applications of Air Pruning Pots