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Keep your plants in their best condition, studies have found plants are able to uptake nutrients from foliar sprays much more effectively than through their roots. This range of spray bottles are intended for pesticides, herbicides, nutrient solutions and detergents. For more info on spray bottles and how to use them in your indoor garden, read our buyers guide below.

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Spray bottles

For spraying pesticides, herbicides, nutrient solutions and detergents for cleaning your space in-between crops.

We find that ‘Pistol Trigger Sprayers’ are not fit for purpose in a hydroponic environment as when spraying an entire collection of plants, the hand movements can be extremely repetitive - particularly when spraying pesticides as you need to ensure all surfaces are coated.

Pump sprayers remove much of this hassle, as you only need to pump them up when the pressure is getting low while spraying enabling you to quickly and evenly coat all of the plants in your indoor garden with whatever product you are applying foliarly.

Our Aquaking range of sprayers come in a range of sizes to suit any garden. You can also lock the trigger in the on position, allowing easier use. The release valve prevents over-pressure while the adjustable spray head allows you to spray anywhere from a mist to a jet.

If you’ve got more questions about Spray bottles get in touch with our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 or email us and we can advise you on the benefits of Spray bottles and help you use them in your indoor garden.