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We have a range of ducting options in several available sizes. Our different types of ducting offer various benefits to the gardener, so make sure you look into the different types before settling on one. Our flexible Ducting is a cost-effective way to move air around your garden. When sizes are matched across all equipment, flexible ducting is easy to install with jubilee clips onto extractor fans, filters and silencers. You could also use fast clamps for easier installation and removal of your extraction equipment. Make sure you get some aluminium tape to seal your connections. To read more about our range of ducting options, read our buyers guide below.

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Buyer's Guide

Ducting and accessories

We Stock a range of different types of ducting options including 4 inch / 100mm, 5 inch / 125mm, 6 inch / 150mm, 8 inch / 200mm, 10 inch / 250mm, 12 inch / 315mm and 14 inch / 355mm. You can purchase ducting in lengths up to 10 metres - you’ll need a male coupler if you intend on moving air over longer run so you can attach as many lengths of 10m as required.

Reflective Aluminium Ducting

Our standard reflective aluminium ducting represents the cheapest hydroponic ducting option available to gardeners. Our standard aluminium ducting is also reflective so it won’t absorb the precious light generated in your grow space. Reflective, Flexible and cheap, standard reflective ducting is the most cost effective way to connect up your extraction equipment.

Combi Ducting

Combi ducting is a strong and robust ducting option for those who need to run their ducting through an area where normal ducting could snag or rip. The extra plastic coating on combi ducting greatly increases its strength and resistance to punctures. Combi ducting is black so absorbs rather than reflects light but is very useful when running through tight spaces.

Acoustic Ducting

Acoustic Ducting is made up of a three part construction. It has a central aluminium inner ducting that's rated by diameter - the inner ducting is what you’ll attach your equipment to. The inner layer is surrounded by rockwool insulation which is similar to loft insulation - the scratchy fluffy stuff in your loft, which helps insulate both temperature and sound. Acoustic ducting also has another aluminium cover that fits around the rockwool liner so that the insulation is in a sandwich between two sizes of ducting, the inner with a smaller diameter and the outer with a larger diameter.

Phonic Trap Ducting

Phonic Trap ducting is of a similar construction to acoustic ducting but is constructed with different materials that make it less irritating to skin so it’s a lot easier to install. The inclusion of the new construction materials also improves Phonic Traps acoustic performance, so it's even quieter running than acoustic ducting. The exclusion of glass wool in the manufacturing process means there's no chance of rockwool dust contaminating your grow room which could drastically reduce your crops hygiene and grow-room cleanliness

In the ducting category you’ll also find ducting accessories so you can fine-tune your extraction setup. We stock reducers to connect two different sizes of ducting, Spigots for running ducting in to or out of cavities in walls, ‘T’ and ‘Y’ ducting pieces to equally split one flow into two. We also carry all sizes of fast clamps, couplers and jubilee clips to connect ducting to other equipment.

If you’re unsure of which ducting to use for your equipment, email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995 who can advise you on the best solution for your space, existing equipment, acoustic capabilities and budget.

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