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LED grow lights are one of the most recent developments in indoor horticulture. Due to advancements in the manufacturing process, the efficiency and output of LED grow lights has increased over the years to where an equivalent amount of light as a HID can be created using less watts, saving on your electrical costs. The output of LEDs are tailored to produce a particular spectral profile that perfect for plant growth via the ratio of colours included in the array.

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LED Grow Lights

LED grow Lights can produce light that is only in the PAR range (that plants can see & use) meaning there's no waste of electrical energy outputting wavelengths that don't contribute towards the plants photosynthetic processes. Unfortunately the jury's still out on the exact ratio of colours to include to suite plant growth but the studies so far are hinting that different species have different requirements throughout their life, with some species such as lettuce having identical structure and yield to controls (under HID) with 90% blue & 10% red LEDs, while other species of plant require some supplemental green light to perform as well as HID controls.

Plants utilise more light in red wavelengths for flower and blue wavelengths for vegetative growth but other wavelengths can markedly improve results, The best LED units have a mix of colours to improve all stages of growth while maximising the wavelengths associated with plant growth.

Even though wavelengths effect on plant growth is not fully understood yet, we can still utilise the findings so far to create amazing LED grow lights that really do get good results. Our customers are saying that LED grown chillies are hotter with more flavour & taste even when LEDs are used as supplemental lighting alongside normal HID lighting.

LED lights run cooler than other types of lighting so can be used in smaller spaces or can replace traditional HPS during summer, reducing the amount of heat output in your garden so your fans and ventilation won’t have to work as hard and your garden can still function in the heat of summer.

If you've got more questions about LED grow lights, or which one is best for your garden,email us or call our specialist team on 0800 085 7995

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