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We sell the UK's best LED grow light brands at the lowest price. LEDs are the perfect energy efficient light source for growing indoor plants in your grow room or grow tent. LEDs offer vast improvements on HPS grow lamps, offering a full light spectrum, with much less heat. The range includes 200W, 300W, 480W, 600W, to 1000W LED grow lights, and LED propagation lights. Read our buyer's guide for more information on the best LED grow lights for your indoor plants. Buy from a trusted UK, online retailer, in full confidence that you're getting the best service, secure payments, and rapid shipping.

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  1. Lumatek Zeus 1000W Xtreme PPFD Co2 LED Grow Light

    Special Price £1,230.00 Regular Price £1,513.60
  2. Maxibright Varidrive 720W LED Grow Light With Ballast

    Special Price £319.95 Regular Price £480.00
  3. SANlight Q6W Gen 2 LED Grow Light

    Special Price £482.00 Regular Price £550.00
  4. Omega Spectra G-Line 220W LED Grow Light

    Special Price £244.95 Regular Price £289.95
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Buyer's Guide

Best UK LED Grow Lights

We sell the best UK LED grow light. the range are compact, lightweight, and perfect for grow rooms and grow tents. We stock low-power propagation LEDs and LED grow lights as the true alternative to traditional HPS grow lights.

Full spectrum LED grow lights are solid state and low maintenance. Quality LEDs don't need bulbs replacing after each grow-cycle. LEDs have a much longer lifespan (several years at least) versus HPS grow lights, without a drop in light intensity and performance or par light output.

The best in LED technology offers tailor-made light spectrums for your grow space. The best LEDs optimise their light output for explosive plant growth. They provide you with increased crop quality, thanks to the full spectrum light.

We scour the market for the latest LED grow light releases. We test each one that we sell in our shops. We only offer you the best selection of LED grow lights available, LEDs that we use ourselves. From quantum board LEDs to the latest in LED tech, we keep our ear to the ground to keep ourselves ahead of the competition.

LED Grow Light Spectrum

LED grow lights produce light in the right PAR range that plants can detect & use. This means there's no waste of electricity on wavelengths that don't contribute towards the plant's natural processes.

What Are the Best LED Grow Lights UK?

The UK's best LED grow lights are those that offer a high quality, full range light spectrum. This covers the vegetative and flowering stages. Plants utilise blue light for vegetative growth, and red light for flowering. Infrared boosts end results. The best LEDs offer a mix of light colour, making them full-lifecycle grow lights.

LEDs have had lots of tests compiled over the yeas. Now you can buy in full confidence that your plants are getting the light that they need. For instance, LED grown chillies are hotter with more flavour & taste.

Cool Running

LED lights run cooler than other types of grow lighting, with super energy efficiency. You can use LEDs in a smaller growing area.

It also means that they can position them closer to the canopy. The amount of light is greater than HID and helps your plants grow strong.

LEDs are better to use during the summer months, due to the lower heat output in your garden. LEDs don't work your fans and ventilation as hard as HPS/HID lights. LEDs allow you to run your garden in the heat of summer.

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