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G.A.S Active Cables

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  • Connect your controller to your fans
  • Space your equipment wherever it’s needed
  • Range of fittings and lengths
  • Takes the power from the fan!

Active Cables for GAS Active Fan Controllers

If your using ventilation components from Global Air Supplies, you’ll need active cables to connect plugless controllers into your extraction fans.

The white active cables have all three pins connected, it has a power cable from the fan. This means the controllers can be powered from the fan without being connected to the mains, meaning less plugs needed in your grow room.

Compatible with all Global Air Supplies (G.A.S) controllers.

You must use active cables with controllers that are designed for active cables, these have white connections. If you’re using the EC1 or ECSP controller, you’ll need active cables that can transmit power as these controllers take their power from the fan, meaning less plugs needed!

Different types of G.A.S Active cables are:

  • 5M Male/Male Active Connector cable
  • Y Active Splitter cable

Standard cables work well with the Enviro Controller, EC Fan Controller and EC Balancer.