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Plant Magic Old Timer organic magnesium

Plant Magic Old Timer organic magnesium

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  • Prevent Mag Deficiencies organically
  • Assist in the uptake of potassium
  • Assists production of chlorophyll
  • Healthy plants from seed to harvest
  • Perfect for any soil type
  • Can be used alongside any nutrient range

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Oldtimer Organic Magnesium prevents and rapidly cures Magnesium deficiencies

When used as a preventative measure it also improves the effectiveness of your PK Booster by helping the plants to take up the potassium and phosphorous to spur the growth of massive fruits and flowers.

Aids the production of chlorophyll, helping increase your plants metabolic rate for faster growth during the vegetative period and flower.

How to use Organic Magnesium

Dissolve one scoop per 10 litres of water

Use once during the vegetative stage

Use again around week 5 of fruiting stage

Use whenever deficiencies arise

In severe cases of deficiency, Oldtimer Magnesium can be used up to one scoop per litre


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