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Plastic Rockwool Cube Caps

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  • Offer a smart, chemical-free solution.
  • Provides structural support for the heavy weight of plants.
  • Can prevent unwanted growths without the use of any harmful chemicals.
  • Robust and reusable.

Pests and alien growths are a serious problem for growers at all levels. Rockwool cubes, in particular, are a site which commonly sees issues such as diseases, fungi and algae. The last thing most of us want is to be forced into using chemical to stem the growth of such problems.These simple Plastic Rockwool Cube Caps offer a smart, chemical-free solution.


By simply covering the Rockwool cube with this Plastic Cover, we can prevent unwanted growths without the use of any harmful chemicals.


Plastic cubes also provide structural support for rockwool cubes, preventing them from being crushed under the burden of weight of large heavy plants. This also protects your roots and allows the rockwool cubes to maintain the correct air to nutrient solution ratio.


Not only are they environmentally safe, they are also reusable which means money saved! The secret to success among green-fingered enthusiasts often lies in the seemingly simple details such as these. Protect your roots with the Plastic Rockwool Cube Caps and expect your plants to thrive in the coming seasons!