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Canna Flush

Canna Flush

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  • When used just before harvest it makes sure the plant gets rid of all excess, which will lead to a clean and tasteful harvest.
  • CANNA FLUSH effectively cleans the substrate without killing any useful bacteria or beneficial fungi, as can be the case when you use reverse osmosis or de-mineralised water.
  • It can be used on all substrates.


The right balance and amount of nutrients is essential to your plants wellbeing. But too many nutrients can adversely affect their health, leading to over-fertilisation and malnutrition. To make sure that your next growth cycle is positive you’ll need to ensure that the substrate is clean. Using CANNA FLUSH just before harvest will clean substrate without stripping it of useful bacteria or fungi, so your plants are rid of any access nutrients. Easy to use, simply start use one to two weeks before harvest – and CANNA FLUSH can be used on all substrates, including inert substrates such as clay pebbles. For a tasty and plentiful harvest use CANNA FLUSH.


Brand Canna
Cable Length 2.5M

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