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Mammoth P Microbial Nutrient Liberator

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  • Concentrated liquid Beneficial Bacteria
  • University developed in America, independently tested
  • Increase yield by up to 16%
  • Strengthen Stems by 6%
  • Increases phosphorous levels
  • Can be used in all media
  • Protects roots from pathogenic microbes
  • Fully compatible with any nutrient regime
  • OMRI and US Organic Certified
  • 4 sizes to suit any size garden

Many beneficial microbes are focused on the nitrogen cycle and processing nitrogen into plant available forms. This is great during vegetative growth but during flower, the plant’s requirements shift away from nitrogen, requiring higher amounts of phosphorous and potassium. This is where mammoth P shines as it’s a natural, organic, beneficial bacteria based bloom booster.

It’s not just for flower either. Independent side by side tests have shown that the use of mammoth p during propagation increases and quickens the formation of roots so mammoth P also acts as a microbial root stimulant.

If you use Mammoth P in your hydro system, it’s incorporating natural, organic processes into hydro so tastes should improve. Including Mammoth P in your hydroponics system will also help it to run cleaner, as the microbes process excess nutrients – reducing salt build-up.

Other microbial products that contain many types of organism often compete for space in the substrate or rootzone, Mammoth P’s consortium of microbes work synergistically with each other and are 30 times more effective at cycling phosphorous than other microbe communities.

The Mammoth P story

Growcentia’s PhD Soil microbiologists wanted to look into enhancing yields in a wide variety of crops. They collected soil samples from across the USA, and started their extensive testing and breeding program, selecting for the highest functioning microbe communities.

The best of this first generation was brought through to the second generation. This process was continued through several hundred generations until they reached the current stage that can cycle phosphorous 30 times more efficiently than the original samples. The bacteria are so good at cycling phosphorous due to the various enzymes they produce that unlock nutrients that have been bound in your substrate.

How to use:

Mix your usual nutrient regime including boosters, adding mammoth P after you’ve p.Hed to ensure the acidity of the solution doesn’t affect the microbes.

Use at every tank change to ensure a healthy population of all components.

The dose can be as low as 0.15ml/L for vegetative growth and up to 1ml/l during flower but you can’t overdose!

You don’t need to add an additional food source for the bacteria such as molasses or sugar unless you’re making a compost tea with mammoth P. When added to a nutrient feed that permeates the substrate, the microbes are delivered directly to plant roots. Once attached to the plant root, root exudates feed microbes.

Mammoth P can be very potent in freeing locked up nutrients so use it sparingly and experiment with the best dilution rate for your system.

Due to the live microbes, Mammoth P has a shelf life of 2 years and should be used within 1 year of opening.