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Phresh Hyper Fan V2 - EC Extractor Fan

Phresh Hyper Fan V2 - EC Extractor Fan

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  • More Power and Pressure than V1!
  • Lower electrical costs – better efficiency
  • Included fan speed controller gives precision from 0 -100%
  • Easy to extend – IEC connection
  • Runs on 0 - 10v so its compatible with other controllers
  • Included RJ12 connection for use with Gavita controllers
  • 2 – year warranty


HyperFan have solidified themselves as market leaders for EC duct fans. The older V1 model is one of the industries best sellers due to its reliable high performance and great efficiency. The V2 builds on this reputation, with all the great features you’re used to with much better performance in terms of air moved and static pressure produced under load – like when filters and ducting are fitted.

Your garden’s environment is one of the key factors in getting good results in terms of yield and quality – HyperFans give the grower control of their environment to cope with the heat of an indoor garden throughout the year.

The greater performance of the V2 is down to the new motor – using a 9 pole Brushless Motor instead of a 7 Pole like the V1, the new V2 Hyperfan motor is able to produce more pressure for higher airflow and is also noticeably quieter during operation than the V1.

Benefits of HyperFans V2 new EC motor:

  • Lower electrical costs – better efficiency
  • Higher performance – More power and better pressure maintenance
  • More controllable –Uses less power when running slower (unlike AC fans)
  • Linear airflow
  • Quieter operation

HyperFan Stealth

Phresh have also designed a ‘Stealth’ version of the Hyperfan which uses acoustic shielding to quieten the noise of the motor and air movement through the fan – perfect for those gardens where audio levels are critical. Hyperfan stealth have the same tech specs as the standard V2 model, housed in a larger body, providing room for the acoustic shielding. Pressure, power consumption and max airflow are all identical between equivalent sizes – the only difference is the operating noise created.

Quick Math – HyperFan v2; Cost to run

For the calculations below, we are assuming the fan is running at full power 24 hours a day for an entire year. In reality, EC fans use proportionally less electric when running on lower power settings while AC fans always use 100% - further increasing your savings. Bear in mind that the following calculations apply to standard hyperfans as well as stealth hyperfans

HyperFan V2 150mm / 6 inch – Cost to run

0.042 kw/h x 24 (hrs in a day) x 365 (days in a year) = 367.92 kw/h per year

367.92 kw/h x 17p (UK average kw/h cost) =

£62.55 running fans 24/7 on 100% for a whole year

Compared to 150mm A1 RVK which has a lower airflow and costs £88.76 to run for a year, showing you recuperate the higher costs of the HyperFan through electrical savings over time.

HyperFan V2 200mm / 8 inch – Cost to run

0.090 kw/h x 24 (hrs in a day) x 365 (days in a year) =788.4 kw/h per year

788.4 kw/h x 17p (UK average kw/h cost) =

£134.03 running fans 24/7 on 100% for a whole year

HyperFan V2 250mm / 10 inch – Cost to run

0.170 kw/h x 24 (hrs in a day) x 365 (days in a year) =1489.2

kw/h x 17p (UK average kw/h cost) =

£253.17 running fans 24/7 on 100% for a whole year

Hyper Fan V2 Compatible Controllers

Can be used with all controllers designed for EC fans such as Gavita ELF Controllers, as well as G.A.S. Controllers like the Enviro controller and the Ec5 balancer

HyperFan v2 Model Max Airflow
Max Draw
Peak Amps
Cost of running
(365 24/7 @ 17p kw/h)
150 mm / 6 Inch
560 42 0.3 1.9 £62.55
200 mm / 8 Inch
1230 90 0.7 2.8 £134.03
250 mm / 10 Inch
1840 170 1.1 3


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