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G.A.S Enviro Controller V2

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  • Take control of your growing environment
  • Can control AC and EC fans!
  • Precise temperature and humidity control
  • Plug and play with G.A.S Vector Fans
  • Supports any fan with a UK plug

G.A.S Enviro Controller V2 Gives you control of your environment

Your environment is the key factor in overall plant health, affecting both quality and quantity of your yield. The G.A.S Enviro Controller will control every aspect of your grow room’s environment, ensuring your crop is the best it can be.

Control your grow room temperature and humidity by increasing or decreasing your fan speeds. The G.A.S Enviro Controller has plugs for both your intake and extraction units and speeds up your fans if your environment is too hot or too humid. It also slows your fans when it senses it's too cold or below user set humidity levels.

The G.A.S Enviro Controller V2 works with AC and EC fans, so whatever extractor you use, the Enviro controller can benefit you without having to upgrade your whole garden.

There are day and night settings and a dump feature for closed loop environments; this controller gives you options for all grow room variables.

The Enviro Controller has 2 additional plugs that can be connected into other grow room equipment, including:


High Humidity during vegetative growth is a huge benefit to plants as it means they don’t need to transpire as much moisture to keep cool and keep photosynthesising.

Keep humidity high in propagation (between 70 – 80%) and a bit lower during vegetative growth (between 50 – 70%) to facilitate quick leaf and stem growth.


As your plants transition to flower, they require a lot less humidity. Denser plant parts can easily trap excess moisture, leading to blossom rot which can negatively affect your yield. Keep plants in early flower at a medium humidity of 40 - 60%, reducing it further to a low humidity of 30% - 50% for the last 2-3 weeks of flower.


In cold weather, there can be a huge swing in temperatures as your lights go off and it becomes night-time for the plants. You can counter this swing in temperature by pre-warming a heater for around half an hour before your lights go out, enabling the room to maintain more of a balanced temperature throughout the night and day cycle.

Timer (can run 2 x 600w lights)

The exit sockets allow you to control anything with a UK plug. The timer provides precise to-the-second accuracy. The exit sockets support up to 2 x 600w lights, so its perfect for a medium sized room. The 'Exit' sockets aren’t limited to lights. Hook up your feed pump to the Enviro controller to create an accurate watering schedule.

How to use:

The GAS Enviro Controller V2 comes complete with instructions.

The Digital display makes it easy to navigate through the menus to set your optimal safe levels for several grow room variables. The controller will then power on or off the various equipment until variables are back within set levels.

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