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Veg + Bloom Powdered Base Nutrients

Veg + Bloom Powdered Base Nutrients

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  • Easy to use powdered nutrient
  • One part for use through veg and bloom
  • High quality ingredients = high yields
  • Different formulations for different substrates
  • Saves space on storage
  • Made in California, USA

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Powdered nutrient straight from California

Veg + Bloom uses highly micronized minerals combined with clean and pure organic materials to create an unparalleled hybrid blend of easy-mixing and bioactive powders. 99% of their ingredients are sourced in the USA and blended in California.


Powders simplify your work. Instead of mixing messy liquids from a dozen bottles, mix a few scoops of clean and safe VEG+BLOOM powder into your water and feed. No more complicated feeding schedules.


Liquid nutrients are less stable. Many ingredients cannot be combined in a single solution. This means more bottles that can easily go bad. Shelf stable VEG+BLOOM hybrid powders put everything into one bottle, for incredible results at a fraction of the cost. For the demanding grower, there are a couple enhancers to push results to the limits.


VEG + BLOOM chemists mix anything with no negative chemical reactions. This means a single VEG+BLOOM hybrid powder contains all the essential elements and beneficial additives your hungry plants need.

Tailored for your substrate

Veg + Bloom have several options that have been specifically formulated for different systems and substrates. VEG+BLOOM bases are a complete formula that incorporate all the essential building blocks to grow a healthy plant in all phases of its life cycle. The base has calcium, magnesium, benificials, anti scaling agents, sugars, nitrogen, potassium, silica and phosphorus just to name a few. This product was created for ease of use and quality results. The bases are made for different medias, growing systems and water qualities. Make sure you choose the most suitable for your intended growing method:

Veg + Bloom Dirty Base

DIRTY is a comprehensive formula for those who are growing in soil or peat based mediums indoor or outdoor. Enhanced with humic acids, fulvic acids, crab meal extract and compost tea powder. This base was intended to provide the benefits of both synthetic and organic sources of nutrition, resulting in healthy growth and an increased flavonoid and terpene profile.

NOTE: This product contains organic ingredients, therefore may result in undissolved sediment and biofilm.

Veg + Bloom Tap/Hard Base

TAP/HARD is a revolutionary pH stable formula for gardens that have hard water 0.3-0.7 EC. With TAP/HARD you can potentially skip the costly RO water filter system and so save on the cost of water. Due to a higher pH in hard tap water, this formula is buffered appropriately so the use of large amounts of pH down can be avoided. Best used in coco and rockwool.

Veg + Bloom RO/Soft

RO/SOFT is great for all hydroponic applications such as rockwool, coco and can also be used in soil. A hybrid of synthetics and organics, a pH stable formula for those who have small or large reservoir. Specially formulated for soft water of 0.0-0.3 EC, it is completely soluble in RO water.


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