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Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter

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  • Fully waterproof
  • Auto on/off function
  • No calibration required
  • Daylight readable blue LEDs
  • Battery operated
  • Simple to use - no buttons, switches or knobs
  • Provided with EC, CF, ppm 700 and ppm 500 scales

What Is The Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter?

The Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter takes the guesswork out of creating the ultimate hydroponic nutrient solutions. This is one of the world's favourite pre-calibrated conductivity meters. Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple.

How Do I Check That My Nutrient Solution is Correct?

For the best and repeatable results when growing with hydroponic nutrients, it is essential that you have confidence in the accuracy of what you're feeding your plants. The Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter is a tool that provides peace of mind. It allows you to easily measure the base reservoir water and nutrient/additive additions, so you can be sure that you're feeding optimised nutrients for the stage of growth.

How Do I Use The Bluelab Truncheon Nutrient Meter?

To measure the nutrient solution:

  • Place the probe head into the solution for 1-2 minutes, allowing the temperature to equalise.
  • The reading is indicated by a flashing LED.

To maintain accuracy, we recommend cleaning the electrodes and testing the meter weekly. Use an Bluelab Calibration & Cleaning Kit.

Meter length:

  • 40.7cm (16 1/32 in)

Garden tip:

After feeding your plants, you can check if they're feeding by testing any runoff and comparing against the reservoir reading. Runoff readings should be lower.

Reservoir Water Filtering to Reduce EC/CF Meter Readings

Many growers use a water filter to remove dissolved mineral salts. Removing mineral salts lowers the base EC/CF reading and means you can feed more plant accessible nutrients. Filtering your base water (usually tap water) also removes harmful water treatment chemicals from your reservoir. Lowering or totally removing mineral salts enables you to feed higher concentrations of nutrients. No matter your level of experience, filtering your tap water means you can provide more plant-available nutrients to grow larger, stronger plants.

Everyone can benefit from using a water filter to reduce/remove their dissolved mineral content using a water filter or for more advanced growers, a Reverse Osmosis water filter.

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