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Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter

Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter

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  • up to 2.5l flow rate
  • No waste water
  • Removes impurities including heavy metals and chlorine
  • 12000 litre lifespan


Long lasting, rounded water filtration, that leaves some of the trace elements for healthier plants

Tap water contains many impurities depending on your geographical location and the facilities your council uses to purify the water. Filters remove many of these impurities so you can be sure exactly what you’re feeding to your plants.

Some elements, such as fluorine can have a negative impact on the beneficial bacteria in some systems, so if you’re using organics, a filter will allow your rhizoherd to proliferate.

The Filter has the added benefit of reducing EC, so when you dose your nutrients according to your feed schedule, you can add more nutrients to reach your desired EC - more of the dissolved nutrients in solution will support plant growth, rather than the abundance of calcium and magnesium found in unfiltered tap water.

Reverse osmosis Filters definitely have their space within gardens but they produce a lot of waste water. Geyser Filters produce no waste water so it’s more environmentally friendly, easier to install, use and maintain as well as being cheaper on your water bills per litre of clean water produced.

Using Geysers patented technology, any water hardness (calcium and magnesium carbonate) is converted into plant available forms, while reducing EC and water hardness. We recommend using nutrients tailored for soft water when using this filter.

Geyser filters have a 3 in 1 filter that allows for easy replacement. First the unfiltered water goes through a mechanical cleaning to get rid of solid particles and sediment in the water, second an Ion-Exchange to remove the majority of impurities and hardness, and last but not least Sorption Cleaning to improve colour, taste, odour, and remove further impurities, leaving you with human and plant safe water!

What the Filter Removes:

(This list is not exhaustive)

Heavy metals 100% removed

Radioactive materials 100% removed

Chlorine 99.9% removed

Bacteria and viruses, including legionella and salmonella 99.9% removed

Dirt, sand and harmful particles Down to 0.1 µm in size (99.0%)

Aluminium 97.0% removed

Lead, zinc, cadmium 95.0% removed

Iron 95.0% removed

Pesticides 92.0% removed

Petroleum products 90.0% removed

Geyser Aragon Eco Water Filter Tech Specs:

Size: 22.5cm x 17.1cm

Water purification from: 4°C - 75°C

Maximum operating pressure: Tested under 7 ATM

Typical Filtering Speed: Up to 2.5 litres a minute

Made From: High grade stainless steel 304L

Cleaning: Pressure relief valve and drainage for sludge and sediment


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