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Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter and Tap

Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter and Tap

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  • Neat 3-in-1 stainless steel water filter system with serving tap
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Up to 2.5-litre/min flow rate
  • Up to 30 bar water pressure
  • No waste water
  • Removes impurities including heavy metals and chlorine
  • 12000 litre lifespan

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What is The Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter?

The Geyser ECO Aragon water filter system is a neat, all-in-one stainless steel filter and tap solution. This 3-in-1 water filter and tap provides filtration and delivery via the surface mounted tap. Simple installation and push-fit, plumbing fittings make this a neat solution. If you're looking to improve the water you drink or use to feed your plants, this filter more than meets the bill.

The Geyser ECO Aragon water filter provides rounded water filtration and a delivery system. For growers, it lets you feed a higher concentration of nutrients by reducing your tap water EC. Unlike an RO filter, some of the trace elements remain, which are made available for your plants, which results in better overall health.

Depending on your location and the treatments your local water authority use to treat your water supply, it can contain chemicals, safe for human consumption, but harmful to your plants. Using this water filter will remove most of these water treatments and other impurities. This means you can be sure about what you’re giving to your plants.

Why Do I Need A Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter?

Water companies use chemicals to treat your local water supply to make it safe for human consumption, such as chlorine, chloramine and fluorine. These chemicals are used to kill harmful, waterborne bacteria. Unfortunately, they'll also kill any beneficial bacteria present in the root zone, in some systems. They can also build up in your plants with negative impacts.

If you want the best possible results from your plants, you'll need to remove water treatment chemicals that your local water authority adds. If you’re using organics, using a water filter that strips the water of water treatment chemicals will allow your rhizoherd to proliferate.

Is Reducing the Base Water EC Beneficial?

The Geyser ECO Aragon water filter will remove some of the dissolved minerals in your tap water, lowering the EC. Lowering the EC of the base water is beneficial, as it means that when you dose your nutrients, according to your feed schedule, you'll be adding more nutrients to reach your desired EC. More dissolved nutrients in solution means your plants have better access to feed, which supports improved plant growth.

What Are The Benefits of The Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter Over RO Filters?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters definitely have their space within gardens, but they produce a lot of waste water and, as they strip all minerality out of the water, can be tricky to balance the pH over time. Geyser Filters produce zero waste water, making them more environmentally friendly and cheaper on your water bills per litre of clean water produced. They are also easy to install, use with low maintenance.

What Type of Nutrients Should I Use With a Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter

Geyser use patented technology, where any water hardness (calcium and magnesium carbonate) is converted into plant available forms, while reducing EC and water hardness. With this in mind, we recommend using soft water nutrients when using this filter.

How Does The Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter Work?

Geyser ECO Aragon water filters work to mechanically remove particles, provide ion exchange and sorption. The filter removes all harmful impurities and odors from the water leaving you with safe, clean drinking water.

3 Phase Water Filtration Process

Phase 1 - Mechanical Filtration

The unfiltered water passes through the mechanical polypropylene pre-filter to remove particles > 5 microns. This cleaning layer removes solid particles and sediment present in the water.

Phase 2 - Ion Exchange

Ion-exchange utilises Aragon to remove the majority of impurities: iron, heavy metals and reduce water hardness (carbonates). It also leaves plant available forms behind.

Phase 3 - Sorption

The third and final sorption process uses Aragon and activated carbon to eliminate odors, color and organic impurities > 1 micron. This process cleans your water, improves the colour, taste and odour and removes further impurities. The result is human- and plant-safe water, direct from the Geyser filter system tap, suitable for drinking or using to grow plants.

What Does the Geyser ECO Aragon Water Filter Remove?

The following table shows a non-exhaustive list of the filters capability.

Removed Percentage Removed
Heavy metals 100%
Radioactive materials 100%
Chlorine 99.9%
Bacteria and viruses
(inc. legionella and salmonella)
Dirt, sand and harmful particles
(down to 0.1 µm)
Aluminium 97.0%
Lead, zinc, cadmium 95.0%
Iron 95.0%
Pesticides 92.0%
Petroleum products 90.0%

Geyser Aragon Eco Water Filter Technical Specifications

Dimension Specification
Size 22.5cm x 17.1cm
Water purification from 4°C - 75°C
Maximum operating pressure Tested under 7 ATM
Typical Filtering Speed Up to 2.5 litres a minute
Construction Material High grade stainless steel 304L
Clearing Pressure relief valve and drainage for sludge and sediment


Brand Geyser

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