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Budget Fan Silencers

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  • Attenuates the sound from your fans
  • Sound reducing acoustic foam decreases fan noise by up to 50%
  • Use with fans in conjunction with carbon filters, acoustic ducting or phonic trap
  • Attach ducting on both sides for maximum sound reduction

Extractor fans are noisy beasts and there are many situations where silence is paramount. Actually it can be very important, especially if your fans are close to living quarters and can cause a disturbance during both day and night (more irritating at night!). So you need a good silencer, and the Carbon Garden Silencers fit the bill.

Fan Silencers work on a similar principle to gun silencers! They give the air an opportunity to expand which allows the air flow to slow, reducing turbulance and creating a laminar flow, which creates less noise on it's path through the ductwork. The materials used are non-combustable, robust and rust-resistant so you can be sure of a long service life in a hydroponic environment.

These models have been carefully tested to make significant reductions in noise and are made of rigid construction. Check that the size of your fan is appropriate for the measurements given here. It will make a real difference to the amount of noise your fan makes, and you can get a range of different sized silencers to match how large your fans are.

All of the silencers on this page are 600mm long so will fit in most sizes of grow space - remember that the silencer doesn't need to be within the grow space, just attached to your run of ducting, so If you're in a small tent you can house the silencer outside of the tent.