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Miracle-Gro Feeder

Miracle-Gro Feeder

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  • Simple way to feed and water your plants
  • Connects straight to your garden hose
  • Simply rotate to select from three spray settings
  • No need to remove between feeds


The Miracle-Gro® Feeder makes feeding your garden plants and flowers really easy! This handy feeder automatically dilutes and applies Miracle-Gro Soluble plant feed evenly and at the best rate. Ideal for feeding flowers, plants, lawns, vegetables, trees and shrubs. Miracle-Gro grows plants to twice the size compared to unfed plants.

Simply attach the Miracle-Gro feeder to your garden hose. There is no need for mixing, measuring or mess. The feeder mixes water with Miracle-Gro soluble plant food solution and releases it through the nozzle at just the right rate. The feeder is configurable for feed and water or just water, so there's no need to remove it between feeds. Simply rotating the spray rose changes between three spray settings: shower, jet, and flat. The ergonomic, soft-touch handle and ability to lock the trigger on makes using the feeder comfortable and easy.

For the best results feed every 7-14 days. Water as necessary and use from March to September.

We recommend using a water filter to keep your plants looking their best. Plants don't like water direct from the tap. Drinking water contains chemicals that keep it safe for human consumption. The chemicals (Chlorine and sometimes Chloramine) can build in plant cells and cause toxicity in your plants with detrimental effects.

Chlorine is a micronutrient, essential to plant growth, but levels present in drinking water can cause Chlorine toxicity. You'll only notice a problem once leaves start to curl and the tips brown.

Using The Miracle-Gro Feeder

Using the feeder is easy:

  • Unscrew the jar from the feeder.
  • Add up to 500 g of Miracle-Gro Soluble Plant Food to the jar.
  • Fill the jar with water and screw it back on
  • Attach the hose and ensure the feeder is set for feeding.
  • Turn the tap on fully and squeeze the trigger to begin feeding.

NOTE: Always wear gloves to protect yourself. Wash splashes from skin and wash hands after use.

Do not use any weed killers, insecticides and fungicides in this feeder. Always use a separate watering can.


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