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Optilux 600w Agro-Power Lamp

Optilux 600w Agro-Power Lamp

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  • Dual spectrum lamps suit all stages of growth
  • 1100μmol / 88000 Lumens
  • Unbelievable low price
  • 1-year warranty
  • CE, FCC, UL & ROHS approved
  • Use with any 200-240 V ballast, magnetic or digital


One lamp fits all – suitable for use through all stages of growth.

DUAL SPECTRUM BULBS are a perfect balance of red and blue spectrums that has been achieved by tweaking the anatomy of a traditional HPS to reduce the red hues, while increasing blues and UV.

UV speeds up ripening and increases fruit & flower density & hardness.

Increased blues facilitate leaf growth during vegetative stages and reduces stretch at the onset of flower.

Using dual spectrum bulbs reduces the amount of work you’ve got to do in your grow room as you can use one bulb through all stages of growth; Gone are the days of switching bulbs at the onset of flower.

The Optilux 600 W lamp is one of the cheapest 600 W dual spectrum bulbs on the market, while matching the output of more expensive lamps, this represents great value for money.

How to Use:

Install your lamp into a reflector with an E40 mogul fitting – make sure you screw it in firmly to ensure contact between electrical connections.

We recommend changing your bulbs after each cycle or at 4-6 month intervals to maintain your yield – the bulb decreases in output over time so change them before light levels drop enough to reduce your yield.

Only power this bulb with a standard 220-240 V ballast; as with all 240 V lamps, if you plug it into a 400 V ballast it may explode!


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