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Optilux 600W Digital Ballast

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  • Perfect for traditional HPS, MH and dual spec lamps
  • 4 dim options; 250 W, 400 W, 600 W & 660 W x-boost
  • Silent & cool Running
  • 1 - year warranty
  • CE, FCC, UL & ROHS approved

Smaller, lighter, cooler running and uses less energy than their magnetic cousins, Digital ballasts are a clear upgrade for your light fixtures in your grow room.

New: 600 W Digital Optilux ballast has been redesigned into a slimline form factor; with better heat dissipation and up-rated internal electronic components at the same amazing price point.

Perfect for firing High Pressure Sodium (HPS), Metal Halide (MH) and Dual Spectrum lamps, so you can choose the spectrum plants received to facilitate the stage of growth they’re in.

Digital ballasts save you electricity – not as much power is wasted as heat or to resistance when compared to magnetic ballasts because digital ballasts are electronically controlled.

Supplied with a 1.5 metre cable, allowing you to place your ballasts around your power source. You then run plug in the reflector which has a longer cable, allowing you to position your fixtures exactly where needed.

The Optilux digital ballast has 4 dim options, allowing you the ultimate control with how much light intensity your garden is receiving. While you can power your 600 W lamp at a lower setting, we recommend purchasing a lamp for the exact wattage you intend to drive it at. Never run a low wattage bulb at a higher wattage than it’s been designed for.

Only a 600 W lamp is suitable for the x-boost superlumen feature, as lower wattage bulbs may explode!

Whilst it will work, try not to run your 600 W lamps on lower wattages as the spectral output can shift and the light produced won’t be as good for plant growth. Use the correct power setting for your bulb.

How to Use Your Optilux 600 W Digital Ballast

Garden tip:

  • When installing your indoor garden, keep all electrics above waist height and all water below; reducing the chance of the two mixing.

Use a Maxiswitch Pro Solo Timer to control your light regime for one light fixture but you’ll need a contactor for more than one light, as it’s safer from an electrical standpoint.

Metal halide lamps are not suitable for 660 W x-boost super-lumens feature.

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