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Super Jumbo Hanging Drying Net

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  • Drying net with removable racks
  • Stabilizer band connecting each rack
  • Strong clips - to deal with heavy fruit
  • High quality microperforated fabric
  • Easy to hang - hook & loop tape fastening
  • Folds flat for storage
  • 6 levels in total – plenty of space
  • Fine mesh design for even drying
  • Easy to reach all tiers for sampling

High quality hanging rack for consistent drying and curing

The HighPro Hanging Drying Rack is an innovative drying rack featuring six levels of fine mesh which are perfect for drying your crops in a quick, safe and effective way.

Circular in construction, each level of the drying rack measures 920 mm in diameter, giving you a very large combined drying area to use.

The rack can be hung either way up and measures a total of 160cm in height when suspended. Ingeniously, the circular compartmentalised design allows you to flip the rack over during the drying process to ensure consistent and even drying of your crop.

If you’re looking for a smaller net with more tiers, take a look at the Budget hanging drying net

HighPro Drying Net

No of tiers: 6

Diameter: 920 mm

Height (unloaded): 122 cm + 75cm strap

Effective surface area: 1700 cm2

How to use:

Hang the rack and evenly insert your material in the shelves – do not put multiple layers of material on each tier as it increases the chance of mould taking hold.

Make sure you have adequate air circulation in the room, without pointing fans directly onto the net.

Try to maintain a cool environment with a relative humidity of around 60% for best results.

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Brand Sun System