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Air Comfort - Wireless thermohygrometer

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  • Accurately monitor your temperature and humidity
  • User-set recording intervals
  • Easy to read graphical views
  • Secure Bluetooth connection to android or IOS
  • Stays undiscoverable during use
  • Handy carabiner makes hanging the unit simple

What is The Air Comfort - Wireless thermohygrometer?

The Air Comfort - Wireless thermohygrometer is a compact, reasonably priced, real time temperature and humidity detector and recorder.

Maintaining an accurate environment is a key factor in overall plant health. Temperature and humidity are the largest factors that contribute towards the environment.

The optimum temperature and humidity levels will improve your the results.

Traditional systems, using pull through extraction, can show remarkably different results across crops. Your plants respond differently to the environmental conditions throughout their life. Using a Bluetooth® wireless air comfort unit, provides you access to a log of accurate environmental fluctuations. The log enables you to slowly ‘dial in’ your set-up and find out what works best. Then you can replicate optimal conditions on your next grow. Armed with accurate environmental data, you're able grow more efficiently, be consistent and achieve uniform crops every time in terms of yield and quality.

If you’re in a closed loop system, you likely already have a controller that monitors your humidity and air temperature. In this case, positioning the Air Comfort in a different area of the grow room can provide you with additional points of data. More data is always a bonus. Now you can be certain your variables are consistent across the room at different levels.

Air comfort product specifications

Wireless sync with IOS or Android
Detection Range 10 meters with no obsticles
Fixing Carabiner clip
Battery Type CR2450 button cell
Battery Life 12 months minimum
Temperature Sensor Range -25°C to 70°C ± 0.5°C
Humidity Sensor Range 1% to 99% ± 4.5°C
Measurement Interval adjustable resolution - 5 mins to 40 mins
Data storage up to 100 days at 40min intervals (total 4032 sets)
Dimensions Diameter 36mm, Height 116mm
Weight 35g (net)

How Do I Use the Comfort Air?

Full Bluetooth pairing instructions come packaged in the box, allowing you to monitor the environment from your mobile device.

Where Do I Position the Comfort Air Device?

Place comfort air near your plant’s canopy for the most accurate readings of variables around your plant.

Other uses include strategically placing the comfort air to monitor atmospheric stratification – a phenomena that occurs in most grow rooms where the air settles into layers. The coldest layer rests at the bottom of the room between the plants and the floor. Another layer normally forms where there is vegetation, another between the top of the canopy and the lights and the hottest layer at the top of the tent. This can be homogenised by using an internal air movement fan.

In addition to monitoring the layers of air, you could alternatively place the air comfort in your ducting to monitor your intake and extraction variables.

The Air comfort can be placed standing or hung depending on your preferred placement.

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