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Maxifan Air Movement

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Maxifan Air Movement
  • Pedestal Fan, Wall Fan, Box Fan or Clip on Fan
  • Airflow refreshes stale, warm, CO2 depleted air
  • Keep plants cool in the heat of summer
  • Range of units to suit every garden

Environment is An Important Factor For Plant Health

Air movement helps your plants cope with increased temperatures, allowing them to transpire more water to cool down. Proper air movement reduces microclimates, improving the accuracy of any measurements taken. This allows you to fine tune the growing environment through a better understanding.

Maxifan Air Fan Range

Maxifan Box Floor Fan

Box fans take up less space than standard oscillating fans. The unit's rely on a rotating front plate to send air in all directions forward of the plate. Box fans are the ideal solution for tight spaces or if you’re looking to minimise the amount of floor room taken.

Fan features:
  • Three speeds
  • Rotating front plate sends air 180 degrees
  • 30cm / 12inch diameter
  • Compact and versatile unit

Maxifan Pedestal Fan

Pedestal fans are well suited for blowing air between lights and the top of the canopy. Pedestal fans allow you to adjust for height variations. This means you can maintain air flow above the canopy as the crop grows.

Fan features:
  • 40cm / 16inch head
  • Oscillation over 90 degrees
  • 3 - speeds
  • Variable height

Maxifan Wall Fan

Wall fans are supplied with a wall mounting bracket that can be screwed into any surface. Due to the closed nature of grow tents wall fans aren't suited to tents. Wall fans suit larger indoor gardens and leave more room for plants.

Fan features:
  • 3 speeds
  • Oscillates through 180 degrees
  • Takes up no floor space
  • Can be fixed to plasterboard, wood and brick with screws

Maxifan 6-inch Clip-On Fan

Clip-on fans are perfect for grow tents and smaller grow spaces. The Maxifan 6-inch clip-on fans secure to anything smaller than 4 cm diameter. This allows you to position the fan anywhere that needs increased airflow. Clip-on fan’s leave more room for plants.

Fan features:
  • 2-speed
  • Takes up no floor space
  • Attach to anything up to 4 cm diameter

Maxifan 8-inch Oscillating Clip-On Fan

In addition to all the features of the smaller 6-inch clip on fan, Maxifan designed an 8-inch oscillating fan. This fan rotates through 110 degrees, providing airflow over a much larger space. A perfect option if you’re in a tent as you get the benefits of oscillation without the footprint normally associated with pedestal fans.

Fan features:
  • 2-speed
  • Oscillates through 110 degrees
  • Takes up no floor space
  • Attach to anything up to 4 cm diameter

Using Fans - Best Practice

Position fans so the air flow diffuses by blowing against a wall or light fixtures, rather than blowing straight at plants.

Power Requirements

This range of fans operate on 240V AC via an included 3-pin plug.

Garden tip: Always keep the power connections elevated. Ensure the fans are plugged in to power points or controllers and powered up away from sources of water where the potential for splashing or electric shock may occur.

More Fans At lower Speeds

Professionals recommend using multiple fans on a low setting rather than fewer on high power.

Too much or consistent direct wind exposure can damage or cause your plants stress.

Causes of Plant Stress From Wind Exposure

Too much or direct wind exposure can stress plants as they fight to intensify transpiration levels to match the increased fluid leaving the plant’s stomata. It can also cause windburn on leaves.

Plant damage or stress can lead to slowed or stunted growth with lower yields.