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AutoPot Easy2Propagate Spares and Components

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  • Maintain your Easy2Propagate Kit
  • Easily switch trouble components
  • Keep spares on hand in case of failure

Need spares or components for your AutoPot Easy2Propagate? We got you!!

The easy2Propagate is the most adjustable, largest single-piece Propagation Kit available on the market. It Allows you to create the perfect environment for Seedlings, Cuttings and Young Plants. Enclosed Propagator's allow higher levels of humidity and temperature than the surrounding area, so Young Plants can root faster.


Root Control Sheet 116cm x 51cm

The Root Control Sheet prevents roots from growing out of their substrate and into the Coco Pad whilst simultaneously allowing the capillary action of water to pass through the control sheet from the Coco Pads to the chosen Propagation Media.


Autopot Coco Pads 58cm x 51cm x 3cm

Coco Pads are made from a blend of latex and coconut fibres. It allows Nutrients to be wicked from the bottom of the tray to the top of the Coco which will keep young Plants moist, whilst keeping relative humidity levels high. Please note: 2 Coco Pads are required to fit into the AutoPot Easy2Propagate Tray.


How to Use:

To prevent disease across crops you should replace Coco Pads and Root Control Sheets once a season. If seedlings and cuttings start having problems, it’s time to replace the Pads and Root Control Sheets as these are the most likely harbourer's of disease.

Please Note: When new, the Coco matting needs to be soaked in plain water for a minimum of 2 hours. The Root Control Square needs to be soaked for at least 30 minutes